More Cape Town churches praying earnestly for revival

Since last September 28 Cape Town churches and 24/7 prayer watches have been engaging in earnestly seeking God for a spiritual awakening in Cape Town, reports Daniel Brink of Jericho Walls International Prayer Network.

Every church took one or more weeks to spend the whole week seeking God day and night. Most of these churches covered at least 12 hours per day, mostly in physical prayer rooms, he says in a newsletter update.

In one community three churches have done two cycles of 21 days. When you ask them why, they simply respond with deep desire for God to touch their community. This hunger for revival is increasing all over the country, says Brink.

One of the 24/7 leaders testifies: “In our community people never talked about God in public. Even five years ago this seemed very strange. Today you sit in a coffee shop with people all around you sharing with one another of what God is doing in their lives.”

A spokesman for a Cape Town church doing its second 24/7 week since September reports: “
People from our congregation responded in a positive way as well as believers from other denominations. There was a slight decrease in attendance this time, but the spiritual atmosphere was high.

“God confirmed His presence again and refreshed, revived, and strengthened His people in a definite way. About 16 hours per day were covered in prayer and worship. Frequent testimonies were that God stirred a hunger and a thirst for Himself in our hearts. So much so that some would come back every day for more of His presence and revelation of Himself in their lives.

“The result of this week of day and night prayer led to the leadership’s decision to establish a permanent 24/7 prayer room in the existing building. Today we can say with confidence, that our God is good and able and our prayer room is up and running. All are welcome to seek the Lord in this place whether in the day or the night.”

Jericho Walls encourages churches in all areas to join the movement to pray continuously for revial in South Africa. You can register your local church by sending an e-mail to Liezel at , requesting more information and practical guidelines.

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  1. W.E.C.C church on the cnr of Bellingham and DeDuin street has been experiencing Gods presence in a tangible way with miracles taking place and peoples lives being change for Jesus if this is what u praying for where r u then? It started out in a local assembly in Lansdowne and when I heard about these revival services I ran because this was what desired from God in my prayers. The one leading these meetings decided to move it to Mitchells Plain.We in the 10th week already, come and experience Reival that you praying for.