Mother of baby born 4 months early says God told her the child would be okay

Baby Faith.
Baby Faith.

Originally published in All Christian

Marie Massey, 42, the mother of a baby who was born four months early and survived, said that the night before she went into labor, she got a message from God saying that He would take care of her baby daughter; all she had to do was to have faith.

Massey went on to say that the next day after God spoke to her, she felt strange when she was going to work in Manhattan, New York, by train from her home in Princeton, New Jersey. She added that she had not been feeling well since the previous day but it was only when a coworker said that she was in labor that she realized what was happening.

At first she could not believe it, but after consulting with her doctor, Massey went to New York University Langone Medical Center where she was given pills to try and stop the premature labor.

The pills did not stop the labor and Massey’s daughter, Faith, was born that afternoon. Although there was a slim chance that Faith would survive because she was born far too early, she still survived despite warning from doctors that she might suffer from things like cerebral palsy or a brain bleed.

Massey said that she was laying there listening to the list of things that might go wrong with her baby’s birth but she told them that her baby would be fine and they shouldn’t worry about her or her child. She added that the doctors thought she didn’t understand the situation because they told her that there was no chance for the baby to survive.

Faith only weighed in at 15 ounces (425 grams) when she was born but was released to go home with her mother in July. She now weighs almost 10 pounds (4.5kg) and she was named Faith because of her mother’s dream.

According to Dr. Michael Espiritu, a neonatologist at NYU Langone, babies born under similar circumstances as Faith have only about a 10 or 20 percent chance of survival because 24 weeks of development in the mother’s womb is usually considered to be the “limit of viability.”

Espiritu went on to say that the odds that premature babies such as Faith will survive without a major disability is less than five percent. He added that they didn’t expect Faith to survive because they were all aware of what the chances of surviving were.

Espiritu continued that the hospital staff was amazed at the development of Faith during the month after her birth. “People have been calling it a miracle, because she really went against such really incredible odds to turn out the way she did,” he said.

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