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WARNING: Moderate Violence & Intense Scenes 


noah2MovieGuide Overview:
NOAH stars Russell Crowe as the biblical patriarch who builds an ark when the Creator gives him visions of a worldwide flood coming to wipe out evil men. In this version of the Bible story, Noah is seen as the first survivalist, who lives off the land with his family while murderous men take what they want. A descendent of Cain, the murderer of Abel, comes to take away the ark from Noah. However, Noah gets help from several disobedient angels seeking forgiveness from the Creator.

NOAH is an epic adventure story, with a nice ending that wraps everything up on a hopeful, inspiring note. In the ending, a conflicted Noah learns that the Creator is a God of mercy and love, not only justice. Despite the positive ending, NOAH inserts some extra-biblical material into the story, to build tension and give the story a dramatic three-act structure. The positive ending doesn’t quite justify this. That said, NOAH shows Adam and Eve really existed, the Fall of Man is real, and the Creator acts miraculously. Caution is advised for some violence and intense moments.

Why I’m Recommending Christians see the movie “Noah” – By Phil Cooke

You’ve probably heard the controversy about the upcoming Paramount Pictures movie “Noah”. In the last few weeks, I’ve seen numerous blogs, social media posts, and commentaries on the movie – usually criticizing it and detailing how far it strays from an accurate Biblical portrayal.  But as of this writing I’m one of only a handful of people who’ve actually seen the movie. Which is probably why I’m a bit bothered at the condemnations and protests from Christians who have never actually watched it.  Click here to read more


(Sun 06 April ’14: MNet 20:05 & MNet Movies Premiere 20:30) 

WARNING: Strong Language & Violence, Moderate Nudity

looperMovieGuide Summary:
LOOPER, starring Bruce Willis, is a time travel story about a mob assassin, named Joe, who gets into trouble when he can’t assassinate his older self. LOOPER is exciting and dramatic, with a light redemptive worldview stressing sacrifice, but there’s plenty of very strong violence, foul language, brief nudity, and drug use, so extreme caution is advised. 

MovieGuide Full Review: 

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kingsfaithDOVE Review:
Brendan King (Crawford Wilson) was involved in drugs and with a gang. But his life changes after a close friend dies and a police raid. Now, he is placed in his eighteenth foster care home after eleven misdemeanors and nine felonies, four convictions and, as he says, “one hair-cut at the insistence of my caseworker.”

Brendan winds up in the home of Mike and Vanessa Stubbs and Mike takes a personal interest in Brendan. Brendan doesn’t think he’ll fit in at school but soon he becomes part of the “Seekers” club, a club that lives for the Lord and seeks God. His life begins to dramatically change and he helps save a girl’s life when she wrecks her car. The girl, Natalie Jenkins (Kayla Compton), had been texting and has to do community service. She and Brendan connect and soon she is attending the Seekers club, despite her ex-boyfriend not being pleased. Eventually Brendan finds a dream, to buy an old house by raising the property tax payment that is owed on it in order to build the “Castle”, a place for young adults to find a second chance. However, his old gang members including the leader Eli do not give up easily.

This is a compelling story that features solid acting and a good storyline. We are pleased to award this excellent film our Dove “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12 and over.

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    There is another side of the story – which is why so many Christians or churches (e.g. His People’s Church) advise us not to watch it. For an in-depth analysis and review please see the following link: