Muslim turned missionary, Daniel Massieh, to visit Cape Town

Pastor Daniel Massieh.

Pastor, evangelist and author Daniel Massieh, who has trained more than 500 000 Christians how to witness to Muslims, will be in Cape Town in September, says Calvary Chape Africa in a press release.

The author of Traitor — a true story that turned Egypt upside down — will be in the city from September 19 to October 2 to attend the 2017 Africa Missions Conference, and to meet local church leaders and participate in various other ministry events.

Massieh was born and raised as a devout Muslim in a prominent family in Egypt. His birth name was Muhammed Kamel.

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He studied and memorized the Qur’an from the time he was seven years old, attended mosque, and prayed five times a day.

However, as a young man in his twenties, he read the Lord’s Prayer and was shocked by the opening words, “Our Father in heaven.”

In a locked room, he prayed the prayer aloud, and for the first time the young Muslim experienced the power and presence of God.

He broke down and wept tears of praise and adoration. Shortly afterwards he was converted and baptised and changed his birth name from Muhammed Kamel to Daniel Massieh.

When the news of his conversion became known, Massieh was immediately imprisoned by the authorities, tortured, and spent eight months in solitary confinement before being released.

His entire testimony is recorded in the eye-opening book Traitor, which is available for download on

Today, Massieh has a great burden for Muslims around the world. He is actively engaged in ministry
to Muslims through his ministry, Open the Gates (

He is also the author of three books on Islam and a worldwide speaker appearing on NBC and FOX.

His goal is to help Christians to answer Muslim objections simply, clearly and kindly from the perspective of an ex-Muslim.

His Cape Town events are:

  • An evening with Pastor Daniel Massieh — 7pm, Thursday, September 21, at God’s Army Bookstore & Coffee House, 102 Bree Street, Cape Town. Includes dinner and refreshments. Cost: R75. Book at or call 021-4224712.
  • Hear Pastor Daniel Massieh’s testimony at the 2017 Africa Missions Conference — 7pm, Tuesday, September 26 at Rocklands Christian Conference Centre, Simon’s Town.
  • To book Pastor Daniel Massieh to speak at events or for radio and TV interviews, contact Matthew Jordaan at 083-770-5854, or at

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  1. Ntim-Frempong, Emma

    Jesus shall reign in Muslim communities if we shall pray for them. They need the Savior.