New book ‘King of the Jews’ enlightens both Christians and Jews about Jesus

‘King of the Jews’, a new book by Gateway News UK correspondent Charles Gardner.

The world in lockdown? Life turned upside down? Here’s something to lift your spirits.

King of the Jews is a great read demonstrating how the carpenter from Nazareth is the key figure behind all history Who is set to return in the very near future, judging from the fulfilment of many Bible prophecies.

Jewish people today are showing unprecedented interest in Jesus and Christians are rediscovering the richness of their Hebraic heritage. This new book helps both communities toward greater understanding of the man Who, on a cross outside Jerusalem, changed the world forever.

In his fast-paced, easy-going style, journalist Charles Gardner holds that the entire Old Testament (Judaism’s Tanakh) points to Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, while the New Testament proves how he has perfectly fulfilled that role. And it is all played out against the backdrop of ever-controversial Israel, which continues to be the focus of world attention.

This is all part of God’s plan, as the 70-year-old Cape Town-born author makes clear. Jesus is still King of the Jews and, like the patriarch Joseph, longs for the day when He is fully reunited with His brothers in the flesh.

Part-Jewish, Gardner had a four-year spell as a Fleet Street correspondent for the South African Press Association before moving to Yorkshire, where he has spent most of the past 40 years working in a senior editorial capacity on various newspapers including the now-defunct Sheffield Morning Telegraph. He has also founded several Christian publications including the evangelistic tabloid New Life.

Gardner became a Christian in London in 1972 and spent the rest of that decade worshipping at All Souls, Langham Place, under the inspired teaching of Rev John Stott and others.

He has been a volunteer with the Church’s Ministry among Jewish people (CMJ) since taking early retirement seven years ago, and is now on the board of online magazine Prophecy Today – . He writes regularly for Israel Today (, Heart newspaper, Sword magazine and Gateway News . Married to Linda, who teaches Christianity and the Jewish feasts in Doncaster’s primary schools, Charles has four children and nine grandchildren.

Other books authored by Charles Gardner include A Nation Reborn (CPI), Peace in Jerusalem ( and Israel the Chosen (CreateSpace — via Amazon).

King of The Jews is available from or Amazon at £10 (approximately R236).

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