New book on the power of joy and laughter — ADVERTORIAL

It takes a mere glance at the news so see that Jesus wasn’t kidding when He warned that “in this world you will have trouble” — John 16:33 AMP!

The good news is that He goes on and urges us to “be courageous (be confident, be undaunted, be filled with joy)” because He has overcome the world! Other translations encourage use to “take heart,” — NIV, or “be of good cheer,” –NKJV, and even, “cheer up!” — GW. No matter what life looks like, victory is ours, in Jesus!

The challenge is, how do we live a joy-filled, abundant, victorious life when the world around us can sometimes seem so difficult? I have spent the last 21 years trying to figure that out, and have such an urgency to share, with the church, the knowledge I have gained.

In a nutshell, there is life transforming power in joy and laughter, and in all seriousness, I have written an eBook, The JoyRide in 31 Days, in order to share my personal experiences and what I have learned. Part devotional, and part a how-to textbook, I believe that it truly will change lives.

This is what some others, who read a preview copy, have said about the book:

“Sue has compiled a volume of words that will encourage and strengthen you in your walk with God. In today’s world, where we are faced with so much pressure and our strength and hope is fast eroding, joy will become the backbone of our hope. Reading this publication will supernaturally stir you up and will bring an impartation from heaven as you follow its principles.” — Janet Brann-Hollis, Prophet, Teacher and Founder, Ruach Ministries

“Sue Jameson draws on extensive personal experience, nuggets of wisdom from inspirational Christians and Scripture, to provide practical tools to access a lifestyle of joy and laughter.” — Andre Viljoen, Editor and Founder, Gateway News

The JoyRide in 31 Days is an amazing, transforming, and anointed guide for anyone seeking the joyful and abundant life that God has intended for His children. Sue Jameson has woven a tapestry of wonderful insights from brilliant thinkers and chosen exquisite scripture to support each step of the JoyRide, while making it all so accessible with her deeply personal stories and encouraging words. Whether you are just beginning your JoyRide or wanting to enrich your journey, your spirit will rejoice as you devour each day’s offering, ponder relevant questions and take steps that will surely enhance your experience of the power of laughter and the beauty of the joy of the Lord!” — Laura van Vuuren, Writer and Editor

John Crumpton, Pastor at Breakthru Life Church, Joyburg; and Apostolic Leader of Foundation Ministries International, wrote: “They say that dynamite comes in small packages. This is true of Sue and this is true of this little book. Don’t say you weren’t warned, because there is a powerful anointing on Sue’s life to bring people into joy, even to people who at first resist the idea that they could experience joy again… May you be blessed and transformed by this journey into a joy-filled follower of the One who was anointed with more joy than any of His companions.”

The book has just been launched on Amazon Kindle, but is also available on PDF at a special price of R 100 (for EFT payments in SA) until July 27 2018. For that price, you will have access to my eCourse, receive a free Laughter CD download, and have an extra copy of the eBook to give away (especially formatted for smartphones, and delivered via WhatsApp) – with a total value of R 600.

You can order The JoyRide online at

The book is dedicated as my love letter to you! My prayer is that it will infuse you with hope and courage, and that you learn to “count it all joy”, no matter what you are facing in life.

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