New film in works based on hit worship song ‘Reckless Love’

Cory Asbury

A Christian Hollywood filmmaker and worship leader are turning the hit song Reckless love into a film.

Devon Franklin, who’s produced numerous Christian films, is partnering with Cory Ashbury, who wrote the song.

The film, which will bear the same name as the song, will be about Asbury’s difficult relationship with his father, and will explore how it influenced his views on who God is. It will also follow Ashbury’s love story between him and his wife.

In a Facebook post, Ashbury said he was reluctant about the idea because he didn’t want to milk the success of the song. However, after a deep conversation with Franklin he was convinced the film could “bring healing dads across the world”.

Ashbury met his dad to ask permission to do the movie, and in that moment he said they “wept together” and it was the first step toward healing their relationship.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do to bring this project to completion, but I am incredibly excited to share the story with you all,” Ashbury wrote. “The film is about surrender, about letting go and falling into the reckless love of God. It follows the story of a broken young man who finds God and family at the cost of well… everything. And my wife is the hero, not me.”

Billboard ranked Reckless love its biggest Christian song in 2018 and it’s its fourth biggest Christian song of the 2010s. It also spent 68 weeks on the Hot Christians Songs chart and has more than 300 million streams.

In an Instagram post, Franklin, who’s also a pastor, said the song “is one of the most emotional and transcendent songs I’ve ever heard.

“It overwhelms you with the reminder of how powerful the love of Christ really is. It’s a song that haunts you and holds you”.

“I’m committed to bringing inspiring stories to the screen and when I heard about @coryasbury and his wife @annamasbury love story behind the song, I knew I had to tell their story.”

Christian music singer Israel Houghton will also be executive producer of the film.

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