New Joburg mayor leads prayer to dedicate city back to God

Mayor of Johannesburg Dr Mpho Phalatse, centre, at the Constance Bapela Council Chambers in Braamfontein with Janet Brann Hollis, left, and Dr Irma Simpson of SA Back to God

Janet Brann-Hollis of SA Back to God reports on the recent swearing in of new Johannesburg mayor Dr Mpho Phalatse and her mayoral committee

Johannesburg is a city known for its gold mines, where the early settlers set up camp, making it the economic capital of  South Africa. Johannesburg has always been known for its trading, it is home to the largest stock exchange in Africa. Besides Cape Town, Johannesburg has some of the richest suburbs and pieces of land in all of Africa.

Once a thriving metropolis, the city in recent years has lost its shine, its gold, and has become a breeding ground for all forms of the worst kind of corruption. A burden for the transformation of the city began to grow in the hearts of many faith and prayer-minded intercessors, called with a vision for the reforming of Johannesburg.  

Many at SA Back to God prayer movement spent days fasting and praying for new governors to take charge of the city once again. On Tuesday December 14, a historic event took place in the city — the election of the first black woman mayor! Not only is Dr Mpho Phalaste a woman, she is a woman of God, and an intercessor of note!

The swearing-in ceremony at the Constance Bapela Council Chambers in Braamfontein was opened and closed in prayer by Evangelist, Prophet TA Ralekholela. Mayor Phalatse shared her vision for the city, the need for unity in the cabinet. 

She also shared a very moving account of how her father had been caught out by apartheid police because he had visited his mother at her employer’s home. Her grandmother at the time was a domestic worker. Little did her father know that 60 years later his only daughter would be the honourable mayor of Johannesburg.

 A short break for media interviews then followed together with tea being served. 

After the media break, the mayor asked for all delegates, guests, and MMCs to return to the chamber for a 20-minute prayer session. She specifically asked leaders to pray for the following: 1. The dedication of the city back to God, 2. Repentance for corruption, 3. Evil deeds of the city and previous administration, 4. The safety, and the prosperity of the city.

The presence of God was tangible as delegates and newly sworn-in MMCs dedicated Johannesburg back to God. The meeting concluded with a prophetic word for Mayor Phalatse, stating that God had chosen and separated her for this position and that all those who stand with her must give her their full support, thus leading the restoration, and destiny of Johannesburg and her people.

Of the 12 MMCs that have been appointed, five are fully-committed Christians. We know the City is now in the Master’s hands, with His competent servants leading the change. 

As intercessors and all those who joined the many, many prayer sessions for this city, God has performed exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ask or think of. Johannesburg and the governance of South Africa is entering into a new era. We stand together for a new South Africa, cities restored and her people’s revived.

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  1. Schylah Schreuder

    Praise the Lord. We pray for guidance and blessing on each decision being made.

  2. I am in AWE of our Father Heaven ..
    “THY will be DONE …On Earth ad it IS in Heaven”

  3. Great is our God! Many intercessors prayed for the municipal elections, and this testimony is so inspiring. May this truly be the beginning of a revival and South Africa turning back to God

  4. Thank You Jesus, let us follow their lead, let’s start giving back all our neighbourhoods, villages, dorps, towns and cities back to God, South Africa belongs to God, Africa belongs to God, let all nations turn back to God, look forward to God living with us…… it’s time!!!!

  5. Suzette van Rooyen

    What an awesome testimony of the faithfulness of our God. May this be the start of many God fearing leaders being raised up on our nation.

  6. Nelisiwe Ndlovu Durban

    God is awesome, indeed this time He is putting people who know His Glorious Name in power so He can work freely and give direction. Beginning of great things, thank you Mayor, child of God, I pray for His favour upon your life and career journey. Bless you and your whole team.

  7. Hallelujah!! This is an awesome God-thing happening! We pray for great wisdom for every believer in leadership. May they be trail blazers for other municipalities in SA!

    • Tlaksle Masemola

      God is Listening!!! Azania” All the prayers for this country were not lost. Remember of the Israelites from Egypt. Moses had to make a way where there was no way. The red sea had to divide and there was a way… This is what is happening in our generation… Prays the Lord. 🙏🙏🙏Once you dedicate the City to God, the red sea is divided, smooth sailing, God been the helper Amen!!!+

  8. The Lord is restoring the land! In our town, Clanwilliam, our recently appointed (and voted in) mayor and deputy mayor are both born-again Christians!

  9. God is our only hope for SA!
    2 Chronicles 7vs14 is God’s promise if we humble ourselves, pray & turn from our wicked ways.. HE will heal our land..! Amen
    Let YOUR Kingfom come, on earth AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. God in YOU we put our trust.

    • If the Spirit of God not moving with us we may as well start over again. Rabie ons aanbid U. We serve a mighty God Indeed 🙏 🙌 Be a Esther’s God ordained you to be. You are your Father’s choice. We prayed God answers. Slay all the goliaths in your way. He has Ordained you and empowered you Go in His Might His Glory but your story. May His presence never leave, Glory to God. Mali bongwe egama leng Khozi

  10. We appreciate to see women of God saw the need to be lead by Creator of heaven and earth nothing impossible with Him we need the entire government of South Africa to led by people who Godfearing may God give the mayor to have a good leaders sorounding her in order to accomplish her vision

  11. Praise God. It’s time for those who believe in Jesus Christ to rise up in thanksgiving and pray for the rest of the country to turn to God.

    • Fikelwa Gilili

      GREAT IS YOUR MERCY TOWARDS US LORD. WE ARE OVERWHELMED BY YOUR MERCY. THANK YOU JESUS. ARISE JOHANNESBURG YOUR LIGHT HAS COME. Dr Mpho Phalatse God has put you on the throne at a time such as this. God bless you and let his light shine on your face.

  12. Let the light of God Our Almighty leads you my leaders I wish that He gives wisdom to over come the devil obstacles that may want to disturb your plans. Please leadership ha letse le tsamaya tseleng tsa lona, Morena ale bonesetse tsela. The road is rough but with God nothing is impossible. Johannesburg should come back. Modimo keo

  13. Adri Kleinsmith


  14. Sorry to say how can this be a good testimony. The mayor cant be a “woman of God” as stated in the article (not of woman of my God Jesus) as she is DA and she is ok with the murder of unborn babies and same sex marriage. There is no way she can be born again as true born again follower of Christ wont vote or support DA . God is not mocked. People it is end times we need to only stand for the truth

  15. Johan, does every DA member believe in ALL its ideologies? Really!

  16. Thanks you dear Lord God Almighty for your mighty wondrous works, you alone is worthy of our praises. To u be the honor, power nd praise. How great thou art.

    Matthew 5:14 “you are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.

  17. May the LORD bless you and keep you, make His face shine upon you, be gracious to you and give you peace.
    South Africa turn back to Almighty God!
    Jesus Christ, our Saviour and LORD!

  18. All Praise and Glory to God our Heavenly Father who Loves us All of us Passionately. With Him All things are Possible. Now is the time to take hands and pray as we go forward in faith to heal our broken Country. In HIM we Trust.

  19. Motshewa Letsoso

    For this , O LORD ,I will praise you among the nations: I will sing praises to your name. 2 Samuel 50 .
    Little by little He will drive out the enemies in Jesus name. Lord we thank you that our prayers are not in vain.

  20. Marjorie Khumalo

    I stand in agreement with our mayor’s prayers. May God direct her steps together with her team. May The Holy Spirit give them the wisdom to be brave and confront the truth without fear or favor. Be like our Ester of today and take us back to our first love, that is Jesus Christ. God give you strength like an Eagle. May you be surrounded by good helpers who will support your God given vision and may you shine in Jesus name.

  21. Praise be unto our Lord Jesus Christ. Be lifted up into all the ends. ___Haleluyaaaaaaa.

  22. Johannesburg is a city that is home to many faiths – Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhists, Rastas amongst others AND including people who are atheists or agnostic. I respect her Christian beliefs. If they inform her morality well & good. However I have a huge problem that the Mayor is using her personal fundamental Christian beliefs to base her mayoral approach on. It is exclusionary & can be seen by citizens as divisive & deeply offensive for those who do not share her beliefs.. The Council should be an open, non religious forum based on ethics & good clean governance not a place for proselytising, evangelising nor espousing religious views, nor a place that puts one person’s beliefs over others. She should not impose her version of Christianity on her duties as Mayor. The Mayor is supposed to represent without bias ALL the citizens of Jhb – of all races, backgrounds, creeds. She is a servant of the people not a servant of the Christian community!