New reality TV series called “Becoming… Christian from Muslim”

Huda (left) with Dr Cynthia.

Originally published in Assist News Service

Reality television: can we possibly need more? Yes, according to Joseph Nassrallah, CEO of The Way TV ( He believes the world needs to know about when a Muslim becomes a Christian.

This month The Way TV begins broadcasting a reality series on the discipleship of a previously Muslim new believer.

Nassrallah is confident the new series will make an impact. “Becoming… Christian from Muslim is one of the strongest, most attractive and well prepared preaching series,” he says. “I pray the Lord will use it to attract millions, through satellites, into His blessed fold.”

Traditionally, no Christian from a Muslim background would take the risk of showing their face on television. But in the last decade all that has changed. Former Muslims are becoming bolder in their love for Christ and desire to see other Muslims saved through him. Huda, the series’ new believer is one of them.

“I want to join this program,” says Huda, whose name means enlightened, “because there are a lot of things unknown to people like myself who are from a Muslim background. Before, I didn’t know anything about the Lord Jesus. Through this program I am happy to share the answers to questions that will enlighten others as much as they will enlighten me.”

Filming a reality show about a new believer from a Muslim background is a ground-breaking and exciting idea, but pitfalls must be avoided.

“Christians get excited when a Muslim comes to Christ and often push them into the limelight before they are ready,” says Dr Cynthia, who disciples Huda in the series, “but to meet the objectives of the show, we had to start with a new believer.”

So, Huda appears just as who she is – a new believer, not an expert. She speaks about what she knows from her former life and what she is learning. Her questions and her life are authentic.

In September 2009, Huda found her new identity in Jesus Christ. Filming began about six weeks later, after much prayer and thought. Nearly three years have passed in production since then, and she has shown no inclination to return to Islam.

Beyond that, Huda encourages Christians to share the gospel with Muslims. She spent years traveling the globe and sensed there was something wonderful about Jesus, but no one shared the gospel with her until she moved to America.

While driving a car in one of the reality segments, Huda shares with us her impassioned feelings about Muslim evangelism. “All my life I didn’t know about a real God… I wish anybody came and spoke to me… I still can’t believe that my eyes were blind.”

Becoming… Christian from Muslim is in English, with bits of Arabic for authenticity and to underscore important points. It includes lessons, questions and answers, segments filmed during real life activities, and cameo advice from believers from a variety of backgrounds.

The Way TV, which broadcasts worldwide by satellite, is quickly becoming one of the most popular Christian station to the Arabic-speaking world. Its shows are primarily in Arabic, but since English is an international language and many viewers reside in English-speaking nations like USA and England, it broadcasts English programs as well.

What is the early response to the series? “She’s powerful,” says a 20-some year old Egyptian man regarding Huda’s summary of her day’s lesson, “It is so touching to hear from someone from a Muslim background say this.”

“Wow, wow. It’s great!” says a former Muslim who is considering the Christian faith.

For a preview check below:


  1. All believers should pray earnestly for Huda and other disciples of Jesus who converted from a Muslim background, because this is extreme frontier territory which our wily enemy satan will fight with all his dark vigour. Pray for protection for Huda and all such new disciples. But not from a scared perspective; let’s embrace the joy-victory of Jesus and expect in faith that this series will * strengthen young Christians in their faith, and * bring more Muslims to new faith in the Saviour.

  2. This series will provoke the hostility of our enemy satan, so all believes should pray earnestly for Huda and others who are being discipled out of Islam. We do not pray out of fear, but with a realistic joy-faith in the victory that Jesus has already won. This is raw frontier evangelism!