New SA human rights group will give back voice to ex-gays

Ex-gays and ex-transgenders who have found a new identity in Christ participate in the second Freedom March in Washington, USA in May. In South Africa a new organisation, Voice of the Voiceless Advocacy has just been launched to empower ex-gays and give them a voice (PHOTO: believers portal).

South African ex-gay activist André Bekker has launched a new, Christian human rights organisation, “Voice of The Voiceless Advocacy” (VOTVA) to give former homosexuals and other sexual minority groups acting within biblical values, the opportunity to express themselves freely and without fear.

“Over the past few years, the politically correct, but scientifically unfounded, narrative has been created that one is born gay and cannot change. As a result, ex-gays’ voices are numb and their existence dismissed as lying.

“This untenable situation led to the establishment of Voice of The Voiceless Advocacy. It gives ex-gays a voice again. It enables us to have the prospect that we can live our values and beliefs freely and without fear,” says Bekker in an open letter to the SA public announcing the launch of VOTVA.

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“Led by the Holy Spirit, VOTVA was established in line with Proverbs 31: 8 — Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless” (Today’s English Version),” he says.

Bekker told Gateway News yesterday that he had a “very good” response a call he made in August for former homosexuals to contact to join a Facebook group, Voice of the Voiceless, which he started in order to link ex-gays online.

Andre Bekker.

“Our numbers are growing daily, so we welcome all ex-gays to join the organisation,” he says in his open letter.

Changes whole gay debate
Bekker says giving a voice to former homosexuals “changes the whole gay debate because it is proof that change is possible.”

He writes that the human rights upheld in the SA Bill of Rights are not only valid for gays but for people of all sexual orientations. The dignity, rights and freedoms of all sexual minority groups should be dealt with consistently but this is not the case at present, he says.

He also highlights a “self-made crisis” facing the Church where it has bowed to pressure from gay rights activists to accept practising homosexuals in leadership and ministry but denies the same rights to practising paedophiles. He says the reasoning and biblical interpretation used to accept practising homosexuals applies equally to practising paedophiles, leaving the Church and society as a whole in a thorny situation.

“That’s why an important sexual minority group like ex-gays’ voices should be taken into account in the gay debate. From experience, we can make it clear that ‘to be freed’ places the emphasis in the right place, namely the biblical distinction between sexual purity and impurity. That’s what we recommend and it will certainly help to find a solution to the current dilemma, as highlighted above,” he says.

Root of intolerance
He argues that the root of the intolerance, hatred and contempt experienced by many ex-gays is that their very existence confirms scientific findings that disprove the politically-correct view that sexual orientation is unchangeable and predetermined.

He says it is unfortunate and ironic that the persecution of ex-gays is fueled by gay rights groups and individuals who demand self-acceptance and respect for their same-sex lifestyle and marriage.

He says the voice of ex-gays offers protection and hope to society.

“We clearly see the danger to the public, including the Church, if our warnings and concerns are not heeded. Social structures will fall apart if we allow political correctness to become the absolute standard. As ex-gays, we share the same stories — stories that bring hope to the country! I trust that this writing will promote sober thinking with an open mind among all of us,” he says.

In a postscript to his letter he shares his testimony of how God set him free of his sexual attraction to pre-teen and teenage boys after he sought help from Christian organisations.

“Progressively shifts started to take place in my mind, emotional pain got healed and guilt and shame were dealt with. Big shifts took place in my identity while I found my identity more and more in Christ. In 2004 I met my wife and this year we are married for 15 years,” he shares.

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  1. How wonderful that this man is speaking out for those who have been healed, restored, and given the Truth by our God, who has set them free from gender confusion and deception.

  2. Leon De Smidt.

    This subject is so close to my heart as I know many exceptionally great people who are either practicing gay’s or are living in confusion and stress as to their identity. I would ask them to find a church who work in the area of deliverance and get the help they need if they so wish. The Bible would not say that something is wrong if it is good. No amount of modern day politically correct thinking can change that and any church that teaches that wrong is right, is teaching an incorrect gospel. I have gay friends who I love dearly and would never want to harm them, but I also know that they can find help if they want it.

  3. Sonia Odendaal

    The Bible is very clear on homosexuality. I have always maintained that God would not destine people to eternal punishment for being gay if He created them gay. This is the reason for my firm belief that no one is born gay. I got some great insight into the plight of ex-gays when watching a documentary on – there is also May God use both Andre Bekker’s VOTVA and Voices of the Silenced to give ex-gays the courage to leave the gay lifestyle. I myself was silenced from the gay community and threatened with the HRC.

  4. This is so encouraging to know that those who have been restored to be who God created them to be are now speaking up and giving some of the compromised church leadership in this country the “the other side” of the coin so to speak and standing for the truth that God made man and woman!

  5. it saddens me that “homosexuals” and “pedophiles” are used in the same sentance they should never be compared. The word homosexual is a new word and does not actually appear in original texts. The original greek words were Arsenekoi meaning male prostitute – again not a homosexual. We have to be careful not to create a hate based doctrine around a mistranslated word. Pedophiles commit indecent acts with minors (children) this is something completely different to the identity of one’s sexual orientation. As Christians we are too quick to condemn and jump on the band wagon with our doctrine and so turn people away from Christ instead of TO Christ and His unconditional love Grace and mercy.