New UAFC church opens doors to Dube community

Apostle Klaas Molekwa declares the doors of the new UAFC Church in Dube, Soweto, “open to souls” after cutting a ceremonial ribbon.

January 30, 2016 will be a day that the United Apostolic Faith Church (UAFC) in Dube, Soweto will always remember. It was on this day that they had the grand opening of their new sanctuary.

Delegates from across South Africa came to witness this special occasion. Under the leadership and vision of Pastor Sipho Mahlangu who pastorS the church with his wife Nthabiseng Mahlangu the vision of building a temple for the Lord has finally been realised.

Pastor Mahlangu took over as Senior pastor of UAFC from Apostle Klaas Molekwa who pastored the church for more than 30 years. With his second name Yedidyah (Solomon’s other name) it was almost prophetic that Pastor Mahlangu build a temple for the Lord. Now with its name ‘UAFC – Hope to You’ the mission of the church is to be a place of hope for the people of Dube and the surrounding areas.

The church began building in July last year and they are very vocal about the fact that they owe all glory and honour to the One who has given them strength. This was not merely a labour of love from the Mahlangus who as a family sacrificed much to see the temple of God stand; this was also a labour and a step of faith for the church. The main sanctuary that was opened on Saturday was part of a 3-phase construction project with  the first two phases including building an online radio station called Joyous Radio and offices for the church. In the office area there is also a boardroom. Looking at the pictures of how this structure used to look one can only marvel at what the Lord has done for His kingdom.

Attendees worshiping in the new sanctuary during the opening service.

The grand opening ceremony started with the General Overseer of the UAFC, Apostle Russell Peters and the District Minister, Apostle Klaas Molekwa doing the unveiling at the entrance of the main sanctuary. Apostle Molekwa cut the ribbon that was tied to the doors of the church. After the unveiling there was much jubilation in the air. Ushers dressed in white came from inside the church holding balloons that they released into the skies. Apostle Molekwa then uttered words that were prophetic in nature. He said “The doors are open for souls to come in!”

The crowd made their way into the sanctuary where we were met with song led by the church’s choir. Pastor Israel Mosehla also led part of the worship. Taking a queue from the Israelite army who before the Jericho walls fell down blew their trumpets. Pastor Israel led the musicians to sound the different instruments seven times before the congregation joined in song. The crowd ululated as they were swept up in that powerful moment.

The church building project included an Internet radio station, Joyous Radio.

The programme director Pastor Sipho Magagula did an excellent job in relating the story of how the new UAFC in Dube sanctuary came to be built. He shared how it was the dream of the outgoing elder pastor, Pastor Molekwa, to build a house for the Lord but how that mandate fell on the younger “Solomon” — Pastor Mahlangu. When he took to the podium Pastor Mahlangu committed himself and the greater UAFC to work hand in hand with different ministries for the advancement of the work of God. He said: “This church does not belong to the Apostolic Church but it belongs to the kingdom of God”

The guest speaker for the ceremony was Reverend Frank Chikane who is known by many not only in the church but also for his work in the political space of South Africa. A minister for more than 50 years he pastors the Apostolic Faith Mission Church in Naledi. Rev Chikane spoke on 1 Kings 6 verse 9. He said the building of the first temple presented a conundrum (a difficult problem) as it had to be built according to God’s specifications. Rev Chikane warned the church that now they have built a temple for the Lord they must be more alert to the schemes of the enemy as “the devil wants successful people so he can destroy you.” He said: “Now that you are where you are, watch even more”

The people of Dube now have a place they can always go to where they can find hope and spiritual food for their souls as proclaimed by Apostle Molekwa. The United Apostolic Faith Church deserves congtatulations for this great work they have done for the Lord. May their faith spur each one of us to carry out the assignments that God has sent us to do.


  1. Nompumelelo Munengami Mathuthu

    This is very beautiful indeed. God is faithful to those who obey Him. Bless you all brothers and sisters of United Apostolic faith Church. This shows great unity and investment.

  2. Wow!!! I am still in awe. Glory be to God.

  3. It was a great service I really enjoyed. Indeed we are a growing church serving a growing community?✌?️
    Keep It Up Dube!

  4. God is good.He honors houses dedicated to Him.Let not the foreign fires b kindled in that house,for surely The Holy Ghost wil depart and the house wil become a den of hooligans.