Nick and Kanae Vujicic — Love Without Limits: Book Review

lovewithoutlimitsBook Review by Val Viljoen

Love Without Limits by Nick and Kanae Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is the author of the international bestseller Unstoppable, in which he tells the remarkable story of how he overcame the very considerable disability of being born with no legs and arms to become a successful motivational speaker. He is also the director of Life Without Limits, an international non-profit organisation that exists to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and to alleviate suffering,

Despite living a “ridiculously good life”, Nick in his mid twenties was painfully aware of his lonely single status and often despaired of any woman wanting to partner him in life. But then he met the very beautiful Kanae at a speaking engagement in Dallas and everything changed. Their Godly courtship survived an initial romantic comedy type misunderstanding, the disadvantages of living in different cities and the inevitable scepticism of others.

Love Without Limits is the story of their meeting, courtship, engagement, wedding and early years of marriage, including the arrival of their son Kiyoshi, born one day after their first anniversary. Nick and Kanae alternate in telling this beautiful love story.

This extraordinary twosome also share numerous practical insights that could benefit any married couple, but young people contemplating or newly embarking on married and family life would be particularly blessed by this book. Topics explored range from preparing to love and be loved, through building a loving relationship built on a solid foundation, to keeping love strong, They also share many practical tips on issues such as creating a wedding day that focuses on your love for each other and reflects the life you wish to create together, rather than on material distractions.

Nick and Kanae have learned, through partnership with a loving God, to cope with the many joys and challenges inherent in their own particular circumstances as well as those faced by all young married couple and new parents and have written a book well worth reading.
Incidentally, they have recently announced a second pregnancy.

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