“No need to worry about end-of-world predictions if you read your Bible!”

If Christians would only read their bibles they would not have to be anxious about predictions of the end of the world, says farmer and evangelist Angus Buchan in a message he posted on video-sharing website youtube today.

“I am so concerned about so many people who are feeling anxious because they feel they are living in the last days. We’ve heard people all over the world saying that the world is coming to an end,” he says. But he points out that Jesus makes it abundantly clear in Matthew 24:36 that nobody but his father knows when the end is coming.

He says Christians cannot blame other people for making alarming predictions. If they know the word of God they need not have any anxiety.

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He says that the Bible is also very clear on another teaching that is currently going around the world, in which it is claimed that there is no such place as hell. “I want to tell you that Jesus spoke more about hell than he did about heaven!

“Spend time in God’s word and no one will fool you and you will be at peace,” he concludes. You can view Buchan’s message below:


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