Olusegun Olanipekun — Nation Building – A Biblical Perspective: Book Review

Book Review by Andre Viljoen

Pretoria-based pastor, leader and author Olusegun Olanipekun has written a timely book on building a great nation according to biblical principles — an assignment that he believes is the next focus of the Holy Spirit and  demands the attention of all Christians.

Indeed, against a backdrop of sudden political changes in Africa, looming elections, and ample evidence that the world does not have the answers that will bring healing and flourishing to nations, there has been a marked increase in African believers actively seeking biblical wisdom for establishing a just, thriving and united society. And prophetic voices have been declaring that it is time for the Church (i.e. Christ-followers) in South Africa to lead society in this season so that the nation can fulfil its divine destiny to impact the continent.

Olanipekun’s book, Nation Building — A Biblical Perspective, offers a wealth of revelation and practical guidance on the subject, amply-backed by Scriptural references, making it a valuable — and challenging — resource for the growing company of Kingdom nation builders.

The author was called into ministry in the land of his birth, Nigeria, at the age of 19, with a focus on nations. Over a period of more than three decades he has pioneered prayer schools in Nigeria and Kenya, as well as marketplace initiatives including the Pretoria-based Institute for Christian Leadership Development, the Africa Leadership Summit (a biennial leadership summit in Jerusalem), and the Africa-Israel Chamber of Commerce.

The book provides a biblical basis for nation building — going back to the Abrahamic Covenant and God’s original and enduring model for a great nation — the nation of Israel. Holistically and systematically it discusses the key elements of a great nation (family, church, leaders, institutions and more); the role of the Church, the Holy Spirit and prayer in nation building; spirit systems that weaken nations and godly systems for transforming weak nations into great nations; and the redeeming of nations.

Here are a few excerpts from the book to whet your appetite:

  • God’s purposes on earth are not limited to the salvation of souls, great churches and great businesses to support great churches, but God actually seeks great nations.
  • We need to progress from “moaning over Saul” to anointing the Davids in every city and every sphere of society. We need to progress from corrupt, deluded fathers of modern democracies to real fathers who are clothed in Abrahamic mantles, able to lay a solid foundation for society, and also able to reflect our Heavenly Father to society. This is the journey that God is inviting the church to undertake by the leading of the Holy Spirit and illumination of Scripture in this season.
  • Being biblical in nation building does not amount to discrimination against non-believers in Christ, being biblical means to give to the unbeliever and the nation the benefit of our knowledge and experience of the truth and to protect our common heritage.

Nation Building — A Biblical Perspective can be purchased as an ebook from https://www.smashwords.com. A paperback version can be ordered from admin@icld.co.com



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