Opportunity to learn more about war on human trafficking

nefariousFreedom Climb is hosting a public screening of Nefarious,Merchant of Souls, at a human trafficking information evening at Jubilee Community Church, 25 Nelson Road, Observatory, Cape Town on Wednesday, June 25.

The evening which will include worship and the showing of the hard-hitting documentary on sex slavery will be an opportunity to hear what is being done to combat trafficking, says Markus Spronk of Freedom Climb.

The event will run from 7pm to 9.30pm. More information is available from Spronk at 081 449 7000 or marcus.spronk@om.org

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  1. Will Freedom Climb make this documentary viewable at other centers in the near future , all be it through other parties. I believe that it could be highly beneficial to parents and the youth at schools, as this is a major issue in today’s world where morals are of a low standard