PE pastor takes Billionares-In-Training to Bolivia

Pastor Jerome Liberty (right) in a restaurant in Santa Cruz, Bolivia with two men who recognised him from his appearance on a live television broadcast.
Pastor Jerome Liberty (right) in a restaurant in Santa Cruz, Bolivia with two men who recognised him from his appearance on a live television broadcast.

Port Elizabeth church leader, Pastor Jerome Liberty presented his home-grown Billionaires-In-Training (BIT) marketplace transformation programme overseas for the first time when he held a BIT Conference in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, on October 23.

His message on raising Kingdom-focused billionaires in the Body of Christ impacted individuals, business professionals and government leaders who attended the conference and he caused a stir during a live broadcast on national television on his first day in Bolivia when he said that poverty is a curse that can be broken through the power of the Gospel.

While at a restaurant the day after his TV appearance he was approached by two Bolivian men who thanked him for restoring their “sight”. They said that they never realised that poverty was a curse. It took someone from a foreign country to reveal this truth to them.

Delegates who attended the conference reported that they were impacted in a positive way. Many recognised Liberty during his stay in Bolivia and through interpreters testified in Spanish how their lives were changed for the better.

Liberty, who is Senior Pastor of Victory Ministries International, has been presenting the BIT Conference annually since 2008. He says it is based on a mission for marketplace transformation that originates from God’s command to man to “fill the earth and have dominion”. The focus is mainly on raising apostles in the marketplace by preparing the next generation of billionaires within the Body of Christ.

Pastor Jerome Liberty addressing conference delegates with the help of an interpreter.
Pastor Jerome Liberty addressing conference delegates with the help of an interpreter.

“The way business is done will be challenged due to the apostolic ministry in the marketplace. Business people will be challenged in concepts, (the language will change), the way business is operated, the reasons for business engagements and the way business will become part of funding the Kingdom of God,” he says.

The vision of BIT includes establishing the Kingdom of God in the marketplace, raising billionaires in the next 10 years, and to lay a sure foundation for success in business and funding of Kingdom initiatives.

Referring to his personal testimony he said that with God’s help he had been able to break the curse of poverty in his bloodline. Poverty and lack was something that he was used to as a young man.The sudden passing, this week, of Christian leader Dr Myles Munroe reminded Liberty of a time many years ago when he lived under financial oppression and frustration in the workplace combined with limited exposure to vision. He knew God had a plan for his life but he didn’t believe in himself. For three months he went to work with a resignation letter every day but didn’t have the faith power to act on it. Then he read “Releasing your potential” by Munroe. That was enough! The next day he handed in his resignation.


  1. Is Pastor Jerome Liberty himself a billionaire? He must practice what he preaches. And Jesus must have been cursed because he didn’t even have a house Matt 8:20 And Jesus says to him, “The foxes have holes and the birds of the heaven have nests, but the Son of Man does not have a place where He may lay His head

  2. Shannon-Leigh Barry

    Johan, you don’t have to bad mouth someone because you don’t understand their vision. Pastor Jerome’s vision is from the Lord or he would not be flourishing. His testimony to now having millions and not having a high school education speaks about the wisdom of God given to him to enable him to teach Kingdom economics. I have been considerably blessed by the ministry the Lord has given him. I travelled the nations and have not seen many who fight to see poverty lifted. He doesn’t have to be a billionaire, it’s something his sons and daughters will walk in but he has shown them how to steward millions. Jesus wore a seem less robe. He was not poor. We can’t maintain a poverty spirit and want to change the world and make a significant impact on a generation. Jesus didn’t have a place to lay his head because prophetically he is still waiting for His Body. It’s parabolic and metaphoric. Even taken literally we would be drinking blood and eating flesh. Let’s honour Men of God for their work regardless of when it looks different. Fruit always testifies. It is immature of us to be bad mouthing people’s work when we have not built anything remotely close to what has been established. Bless you

  3. Edgar Gschwend

    I think we’re putting the cart before the horses by first wanting the money before we attempt great things for God – When God leads by giving one a vision for any project ,, He will also supply all that is needed.
    But We are not all called to do things in the same way and I quite-agree that some may be led differently and I respect and support them as long as they have no selfish motoves

  4. For some reason, the BIT thing does not – for me – match what Jesus was and is all about in this life. If one is a billionaire, you are one at the cost of someone else – who could have had some of that money. It means that you are damming a river that could wet other people’s fields… This seems to be the prosperity gospel, and I’m not comfortable with it.