PE school hosting youth revival concert

Blessing Marunga, founder of Blessing Christian School, is passionate about impacting and empowering youth through music.

Music teams from Port Elizabeth’s Blessing Christian School will be reaching out to young people in the city through a free Youth Revival Concert at The Athenaeum, Central from 3pm on Saturday (June 14, 2014).

Since launching a music outreach vision in 2012, the school has established three music groups, each with a different style, but all singing lyrics inspired by scripture and aimed at impacting young people and bringing them to Christ through a medium that is relevant to them, said the school founder, Blessing Marunga.

The groups who will perform at the concert are Supernatural (hip hop), Voice of Blessing (choral music) and Amanda Baleka (worship in English and Xhosa). Amanda Baleka was a finalist in the Kingfisher FM Do You Rock contest last year.

Marunga said that when he could not find a platform for preaching, he turned to songwriting — “something I never imagined I would do”. His students turn his lyrics into music. “We have written hundreds of songs and recorded more than 30,” he said.

Each of the music groups has produced a CD and Marunga is clearly delighted at the power of music to deliver the message of the Gospel.

People may forget the message of sermons but they remember the words of songs, he said. He said the musical journey was empowering the young musicians and equipping them to be powerful peer-to-peer influencers.

“Hip hop is associated with drugs and violence. We want to change the culture and use hip hop to spread the Word of God, and a message of loving and supporting one another,” he said.

More information about Saturday’s concert can be obtained by calling 076 969 6716 or 072 092 0058 or by emailing .


  1. Fumani Nande Jacob

    It was a great honour to be part of such a project. It was truly inspirational to see the good work that the youth do through music and ofcourse Christ. This was the greatest platform for the youth to unite as one because united we stand and devided we fall. I hope the school and this project will grow from strength to strength over the years.

  2. It was an amazing Show and So inspiring big Up to voices of blessing and the super Natural Group lastly A huge Big up to Amanda Baleka U rock girl..