The Courage to Lead: join the conversation

In an article I wrote in August last year I said we are living in a dispensation that requires righteous servant leaders to rise up and to lead the nations around the world.

It is not only a dispensation that requires righteous servant leaders to rise up, it also requires the intervention of bold, fearless and courageous leaders. Leaders who will rise up, not in a spirit of fear or intimidation, but with a spirit of power, love and soundness of mind as stated in 2 Timothy 1:7.

These are leaders who must be ready and willing to confront the pandemic of corruption, immorality and perverse leadership. They must be willing to address the prevailing injustices and inequalities that are manifesting themselves in nations around the world. These are leaders who must be willing to bring real and practical solutions that will ensure that the “have-nots” are provided for.

These are leaders who must facilitate real transformation and change in their communities. This will require making unpopular decisions and will mean confrontation with certain “powers that be” and those in control of financial systems and structures.

On July 10 there will be important discussion via an online Zoom conference hosted by D. Brian Reuben, CEO of Brian Reuben Foundation UK). The platform is the International Convention of Church Leaders (Africa Convention). In his invitation letter to leaders around the world, Reuben said: “Through insightful and focussed panel discussions, plenary sessions and keynotes, participants we will gain clarity on the state of the world.” 

Leaders and active citizens around the world are invited to join in the sessions. Details of the meetings are on the abov flyer.

Let the nations be aligned to their redemptive purpose as they witness the rising up of leaders who have the “Courage to Lead” 


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