Petition launched against campaign for ‘Ancestors Day’ public holiday

Dr Pearl Kupe has started a petition to oppose a proposed Ancestors Day public holiday

Attorney and marketplace Christian leader Dr Pearl Kupe has launched a petition opposing a petition campaign by the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (Contralesa) to have May 8 declared a public holiday to be called National Ancestors’ Day.

Contralesa hopes to have the proposed new public holiday declared in the first week of May, she says.

The secretary general of Contralesa Zolani Mkiva says their campaign is a spiritual one  aimed at liberating the voice of Africans, says Kupe on her petition page on

She says that South Africa, a predominantly Christian nation, reserves the right to oppose the invocation of ancestral spirits in the land on the grounds that it is contrary to the faith, beliefs and principles of the majority in this nation.

“May 25th is a day that has already been dedicated as Africa Day by the Africa Union. If the purpose is to acknowledge Africa, a day has already been set aside by the Africa union for acknowledgment of the continent and its Ubuntu values, she says.

She says the petition will be emailed and hand delivered to the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs.

In the video clip below which she made ahead of a plan to dedicate SA to ancestors on May 8 last year, Kupe shares a biblical teaching on ancestral worship and distinguishes between acknowledging ancestors and worshiping them.

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  1. Monica Booysen

    Absolutely agree with you sister.

  2. This is an ungodly event. We as Christians should meet at our churches for worship; that South Africa will get a Godly government and that we can step into our role for the Revival.

  3. Are we to go back to the dark ages where ancestral spirits were worshipped. They might as well say lets have a national day for idols or false gods. I suppose next thing we’ll start believing in Voodoo and all the other things related to the occult. This is a serious step backwards. I know we are a third world country and will probably never have the degree of civilization that 1st world countries have, but do we really need to celebrate it?!?

  4. Unfortunately all spiritual stuff governs natural stuff, though most don’t believe so. But if we are to allow a public holiday of this nature, then we must have a public holiday for every pagan belief or religion. Then for sure as someone quoted, this country is doomed to H:E:&2Hockey Sticks. We are already in the age of evil and darkness because of the apostasy from God and His good laws for life itself! Every believer has a duty to pray against this.

  5. Desiree Mansfield

    These people are totally delusional and should not be living in South Africa as we are ‘trying’ to move forward and not backward, but hard to do with the corrupt government ruling us and making draconian laws for the citizens referring to the new amendments to the health Act.
    We serve one God who is alive and not dead ancestors who cannot save or hear us. Should this happen then the Christians must request a holiday for “Ascension’ day as well as that was taken away from us.