Playlist — The Very Best of Israel and New Breed: Review

israelandnewbreedMusic Review by Ellenor Lotter


Have you ever been in a battle and you wished you had a weapon in your hand that would not only inspire you to stick it out till the end but trample the head of the enemy on your way to the finish?   I have found the perfect “battle songs” on the album PLAYLIST: THE VERY BEST OF ISRAEL & NEW BREED.

There is no soft ‘n slow intro here, from the word go you have energy and passion flowing from every note, declarations made with every word sung, wow!  I remember hearing about this Grammy Award winning artist for the first time many years ago and was intrigued by the way his story started.  His 17 year old white mother was confronted with the love of Jesus Christ while she was pregnant with Israel and as the saying goes, the rest is history.  I have to admit that it also thrilled me to discover that Israel was also born in 1971; there is yet hope for us, the forty-something’s… 

I believe with all of my heart, when you look back on his career in the Christian Music Industry, over the past two decades, one cannot but see the fruit of a consecrated life.  When you hear songs like JESUS AT THE CENTRE, you know that the hearts and minds of generations of worshippers all over the globe have been impacted. 

This man of God has shared the stage with names like Bebe Winans, Aretha Franklin, Michael W Smith to name but a few.  He just carries such an authority and presence. 

If you are looking for some ‘battle songs’ or want to turn up your praise a notch, this album is the one for you!

Let the worshipper in you arise!

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