Porndemic — Book review

Author Taryn Hodgson with her book, Porndemic, at the book launch in Cape Town today.
Author Taryn Hodgson with her book, Porndemic, at the book launch in Cape Town today.

Book Review by Allan Verreynne


Published by Christian Liberty Books, 2013

My ethical eyes have been opened by this book!

The author, Taryn Hodgson, has a comprehensive and compelling counter to pornography in this book. I was absolutely gob-smacked by the research revelations on the pandemic of pornography in our beloved South Africa. The degrading and demoralising effects that pornography is having upon our peoples, is alarming, to say the least! The easy accessibility through cell/smart phones and the Internet has spawned an unprecedented explosion of interest among young and old alike – be they Christian, or non-Christian.

  • The book is very incisive. For example, the chapter, “Harm of Porn”, describes the four-step process whereby a person becomes addicted to porn:

    Step One – Addiction, to the material and repeated turn to it for sexual excitement
    Step Two – Escalation, in the individual’s need for more explicit, deviant and sexually shocking material
    Step Three – Desensitisation, towards initially gross and shocking material that becomes acceptable and desirable to the viewer
    Step Four – the “Acting out” of sexual activities seen in porn.

    The facts and figures researched and verified are presented in a clear manner – you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to grasp hold of the impact of pornography and the associated problems that it causes on society at large.

  • The book is very Biblical in countering porn. The many quotations from Scripture are very helpful in understanding the mind of God. For example: Pornography violates the Law of God in: adultery (Exodus 20: 14); carnal desire (Matthew 5: 28); rape (Deuteronomy 22: 25-27); incest (Leviticus 18: 6-9); homosexuality (Romans 1: 26-27); child abuse (Matthew 18: 6-10)
  • The book is very practical. As a Christian father, I find the book helps me with practical handles that encourage me to enter into the defence of our moral standards and enter into the fight against the evils of pornography. For example, there is a whole chapter on “What we can do to stop porn in magazines, films and on TV.”

    Complain to the Film and Publications Board if you see anything that is sexually derogatory towards women and children; report problematic magazines that should not be in public view of children; report any form imagery on the Internet which expose children in sexual contexts.

    There is a child porn complaint hotline (Tel: 0800 148 148) and website:

    Tips are given for blocking porn websites on cell phones (; reporting porn MMS (; how to protect your family online (; how to approach SOB’S (Sexually Orientated Businesses) – like sex shops.

    Several organizations at the forefront of the fight against porn in RSA are listed, which can be approached to either join, or to obtain further resources

  • The book is very enlightening. I would urge every pastor, elder, youth leader and concerned father to lay hold of this book so that they can be enlightened as to the effects of this unGodly and eroding scourge upon our nation! Pornography is definitely highly addictive – harmfully affecting individuals, families and societies beyond our understanding!

    This book challenges me to get actively involved in the fight to uphold Christian values in my neighbourhood, region and country!

This 256-page book sells for R85 (plus R10 for postage within SA or R28 for postage if you want it sent as a parcel, with tracking number). Contact 021 -689 4481 or to order.


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