Pray for our campuses

jericho-wallsAs news of violence on South African campuses over the issue of university fees dominates news headlines, Jericho Walls International Prayer Network has published a timely call to pray into the education crisis and campus violence.

We publish the prayer guide in full:

Prayer for the education crisis and accompanied violence on campuses

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  1. South Africa’s history if filled with incidents where grievances were settled by violence, revolution, riots and strikes. The result of such behaviour though, is that it continues to be the way we handle conflict, resulting in even more grievances and problems. Let us pray for this cycle to be broken in our nation.
  2. The reality is that there are very real and difficult issues students face in many aspects within the sphere of education. Pray for these issues to be addressed in meaningful ways which will result in long term solutions, and to the benefit of future generations.
  3. There is a big need for student leaders that can bring the grievances and problems of the students to the negotiation table. There is too much “mob-pressure” and illogical demands. There is also a need for government leaders with integrity that can meet with the students to work on solutions. In the light of widespread corruption in government circles (starting in the highest offices), students are not convinced that there is not money for free education.
  4. Many of the present demands of students are unrealistic. Free education without an increase of fees is impossible. The solution is not as simple as just for government to find and allocate the money to make up for the shortfall. Pray for God’s Spirit of wisdom and revelation to reveal practical solutions in order to deal with these issues in a way that also glorify God.
  5. One major reason for the current crisis on campuses are unmet and unfulfilled election promises by politicians. Students now demand for these promises be kept. Pray for government to admit to their failures where applicable, and to really take responsibility and address these matters without shifting blame.
  6. While it is true that the history of the nation benefitted some people and others were neglected, the problem cannot be rectified by violence and unreasonable demands. Pray for true forgiveness to settle these unresolved matters in the hearts and minds of people, and pray for God’s grace to strengthen them in moving forward and build, rather than continue to demoralize those around them who really are positive and moving on.
  7. Once violence and riots start, emotional and non-rational actions cause much harm. People are often then forced to participate in these demonstrations which normally result in unreasonable and unacceptable behaviour. Pray for all mass demonstrations to be in peace, to show reasonable and realistic demands, and not to explode in violence or other forms of anarchy. Pray to God and resist the demonic forces which often lay hold of individuals during demonstrations or marches, so no destruction will take place.
  8. Pray for God’s intervention in the hearts and minds of all those responsible to find solutions and also for favour to steer the crowds into a place of acceptance and peace. Pray for students to return to their classes and continue the last quarter of their studies for this year.
  9. Pray for students who are not part of these riots at all, and who wants to peacefully continue their studies, write their exams and find a job to take care of their families. Pray that their positive heart and mind will cause others to do the same.

Prayers from Ps.85:10-13

The mind of Christ

Psalm 85:10 – Mercy and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kissed.

Lift up in prayer every person involved in violence and destruction on campuses across our nation. Pray for truth to unveil eyes, for right and wrong to be clear, and reason to return to every heart and mind in Jesus name.

Godly order

Psalm 85:11 – Truth shall spring out of the earth, and righteousness shall look down from heaven.

Ask for Godly truth and reason to come to the minds of people on every campus and across the nation, also for God Himself to intervene from heaven and rain down righteousness.

End to violence

Psalm 85:12 – Yes, the LORD will give what is good; and our land will yield its increase.

Declare that God is good, and gives what is good, so this nation may also yield its increase of graduates this year. Ask for peace to return to every campus, so examinations may continue normally and students may study without stress.

Right and wrong discerned

Psalm 85:13 – Righteousness will go before Him, and shall make His footsteps our pathway.

Pray for, declare and trust the Lord, to pour out His righteousness and peace into every conflict situation on campuses across this nation. Pray for an end to all violence, that it will not by any means spread or interfere with educational goals for 2016


  1. Peter Mc Gregor

    Jericho Walls does a good work and should be supported and encouraged at this time for the input they give in a very trying situation. It is up to every believer of GOD Almighty, to take their place before the throne of GOD Himself, in PRAYER. May the LORD be blessed by the prayers of the Saints.

  2. Vincent Holloway

    Amen, Amen, Amen!

  3. Thank you for giving me a way to pray using Psalm 85. This situation has brought me to my knees and this psalm has helped me find the words. May the Lord refine us in this time of fire.