Prayer, faith and Christian unity needed to take back cities

Defending family, faith and freedom

Arlene and I returned from our first ministry venture to Bloemfontein on July 8, 2013. We were hugely impacted by the people we met there– many who are completely sold out to Jesus Christ.

Wherever we went, there was a palpable expectation that God is preparing SA for a great move of His Spirit. I have rarely seen a hunger for God amongst ordinary people like in Bloemfontein.

I spoke at a 6am Men’s Breakfast Tent Meeting in freezing conditions, met with Pastors and Marketplace Ministers and Preached at Hebron and Our Father Home Churches on Sunday July 7.

The tangible presence of God was everywhere. The hunger and expectation for God amongst Christians from all walks of life is creating a faith charged environment for a significant move of God.

This yearning to see their city and nation transformed reminded me of Rev John Knox who famously prayed; “Lord give me Scotland or I die”! I have also met Christians in other parts of the country with a similar desire to see their city and nation changed by the power of Jesus Christ.

The challenge presenting the Church in SA is how to harness the growing hunger and expectation in the hearts of believers and use it as a catalyst for powerful and sustainable nation transforming action!

I was privileged to spend time with Arno Van Niekerk and Nathan Pillay – two men with a Kingdom mind-set – working to unite the Body of Christ in Bloemfontein to establish God’s purpose there.

These men and others host monthly worship sessions on the rooftop of a major shopping mall where Christians from various churches are united in worship and intercession for their city.

Much of the rebellion against God in society is a result of the Church abdicating its leadership role in the nation. Sadly, Biblical Christian influence is mainly restricted to within the walls of the sanctuary.

Tragically, when the only agency on earth that legitimately represents the authority of God voluntarily surrenders the city – the enemy moves in like a flood to fill the spiritual void.

The rampant corruption, tragic family breakdown and spiralling sexual immorality in society are all symptoms of a nation in spiritual and moral decline. Significantly however, the Church of Christ was established in the earth to put down rebellion and bring society under Christ’s reign.

But until the Church acknowledges this truth – it will never achieve its mandate for the nation.

Attacks on the Bible believing Church and the authority of Scripture are escalating. The White House in the US now acts as the world HQ for the global rollout of the “sexual rights” agenda.

The western world is now entering the age of “homo – totalitarianism” in which the rights and freedoms of anyone disagreeing with the homosexual lifestyle are trampled on.

Family Research Council in Washington DC was attacked recently by an armed homosexual activist intent on mass murder. Thankfully, only their brave security guard sustained injuries. FRC was branded a “hate group” by an Obama ally for supporting marriage between a man and a woman. Even children who support marriage between a man and a woman receive death threats from activists.

The growing boldness of the “gay rights” movement and the relative apathy gripping the Church has now given rise to violent attacks on Christians exercising their Biblical and constitutional rights.

The time has come for the Church of Christ to act. Prayer, unity and an unshakable faith in the power and authority of God are the weapons of those who dare to believe change is possible.


  1. Jesus said He come to divide!
    and for the gay movement, shame on them, God will sort them out

  2. Arno van Niekerk

    Praise God for the Awakening! It is the beginning of the Last Great Harvest – Zach. 12:10 – the latter rain! Deut. 11:13-14 & James 5:7