Prayer movement mushrooming in Cape Town with first steps into gang hotspot

Lavender Hill 1
Prayer walkers making a stand for Jesus in Lavender Hill, Cape Town
Nearly five years ago Prayer Mushroom Ministry founder Helen Phillips shared her prayer group’s vision in a guest feature in Gateway News. Now she shares about a new thrust in the ministry.
prayer mushroom Helen
Prayer Mushrooms Ministry founder Helen Phillips during the recent prayer walk in Lavender Hill.

The Prayer Mushroom Ministry is being called to bigger things and it is exciting to obey. We still believe God has called us to open and encourage prayer groups in the workplace but now the scope is wider into Prayer Walks and mobilising Churches to pray in unity for their community and suburb.

Lavender Hill
Lavender Hill is a suburb nearby which has been riddled with gang warfare, drugs and crime and our first prayer walk was there.

We must congratulate Basil Leukes and his PAIHN team (Prayer And Intercession Healing Network). PAIHN had been fasting and praying all week for this event and we met at 7am at Basil’s church in Lavender Hill for prayer on Saturday February 18. Six Pastors were there from Lavender Hill and one drove in as far as Ravensmead to join us. He had no idea where the place was and God showed him the way. Altogether there must have been about 50 of us all from different churches. It is so precious when brothers pray together in unity. God commands a blessing.

The march was led by a police van (Christian brother) followed by Bill, myself and Gail in our car. Behind us was a brother carrying a big cross, then came the marchers and the rear was taken up by a station wagon with a generator in the back and a loud speaker on the roof. Pastors took it in turns to walk beside this van praying using the mike.

Lavender Hill 2
A police van leads the way.

When no one was praying there was Christian music blaring from the speakers. It created such a stir that people leaned out of their windows and came running out to see what was happening. We prayed for them and handed out flyers provided by ‘Frontline Fellowship’. (Big thanks to them)

Gang troublespots
We stopped at seven places — three places which were headquarters of the gangs active in the area, three places where people had been killed in the crossfire of gang warfare and at New World Foundation  which provides counselling and support for those affected by the unrest in the suburb. The prayers were loud and passionate as only the local people can pray.

Back at the church we all decided that we would come together again for the next prayer walk which would be in Vrygrond/ Capricorn/ Overcome Heights. We are now doing research to reach all the pastors in this area as this must be a movement facilitated from within and not imposed from outside so the Spirit of the Lord will explode like a mushroom cloud.

It is amazing that the Prayer Mushroom Vision that God gave me was in two distinct parts — one, the little mushrooms coming up everywhere (prayer groups springing up) and secondly the huge mushroom cloud over Cape Town which God said was the power of prayer which would save our city and country. The second part of this vision is now unfolding.

We had a meeting of pastors and leaders from the Southern Suburbs and have now formed a committee to bring in more church leaders and organise prayer events and more prayer marches that will usher in the revival which is already starting. Thank you Lord for your presence. We give You all the glory and honour.

If you would like to join Prayer Mushroom Ministries in this exciting new development please contact us, pray for us and help with the financial challenges. God is in control and we don’t do anything without bringing it first to the Lord in prayer. Phone Helen at 021 7889554 or 074 289 1170. Bank Account. Capitec Bank; Prayer Mushrooms; savings; 1299949914 code 470010

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  1. Dear Helen and Bill, You are a blessing to this nation. You show us that is we will believe God when He shows us something, grab hold of it and do as He says, we will see wonderful glorious things……….and this is just the beginning of the mushroom vision. God bless you.jane