Prayer will birth SA’s spiritual miracle

Defending family, faith and freedom

I write this newsletter from Bloemfontein, where Arlene, I and the “Watchmen on the Wall” crew have been busy meeting Pastors, marketplace ministers and ministering at various Churches.

We are also in the City of Roses to record the “Rooftop Worship Event” on top of a shopping mall.

Christians from Churches across Bloemfontein gather together in unity to worship God, pray corporately and proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ over their city.

There is a refreshing atmosphere of Christian unity in the city as a result of these kingdom building initiatives. I also interviewed key Christian leaders about the spiritual climate in Mangaung.

Following the “Rooftop Worship Event”, my host, Nathan Pillay and I drive through the night to Pretoria where I will speak at the “Love Pretoria East” (LPE) Pastors Breakfast Event on 6 Nov 2013.

Nathan Pillay and Arno van Niekerk are two passionate marketplace ministers labouring diligently in Bloemfontein to build Christian unity and promote racial reconciliation & harmony.

Their labours appear to be bearing fruit. Church Pastors and Marketplace Ministers have joined hands in Bloemfontein to promote a kingdom mindset and city-wide vision for the Body of Christ.

This city has birthed many significant movements in the past. The ANC was birthed in a Church in Bloemfontein in 1912. Please agree with me in prayer that from this city – God will birth a new and significant move of His Spirit that will spread throughout the nation and re-ignite His Church.

In 1994, after much travail, South Africa experienced political transformation that liberated millions of citizens from the yoke of racial oppression. However, the long awaited “freedom” failed to live up to its lofty expectations. Spiritual & moral decline destroyed the promise of the new democracy.

But God sovereignly intervened in this nation in 1994 to ensure a peaceful transition to democracy.

That means – God still has a significant plan and purpose for the nation of South Africa. This country experienced a radical political transformation almost twenty years ago.

South Africa is therefore ripe for spiritual transformation. The peaceful transition to democracy in 1994 transpired as a result of the heartfelt intercession and prayers of millions of Christians.

The spiritual transition from darkness & moral decay to righteousness, prosperity & peace will also become a reality as a result of the heartfelt intercession and prayers of millions of Christians in SA.

If God did it in 1994 – there is no reason to believe He won’t do it again in 2014! SA’s spiritual transformation must follow its political transformation. Your & my faith says it will be so!

Prayer is the Christian Church’s “weapon of mass destruction.” You and I can cause massive destruction to the kingdom of darkness when we unite in sincere heartfelt prayer.

As Arlene and I travel around SA, we hear incredible stories of faith in action – and especially God’s answers to the simple prayers of ordinary Christians who dare to believe His promises!

Will you join me in praying for SA’s spiritual miracle? God heard us in 1994, He will hear us now.


  1. Whilst the views expressed & espoused by the pastor ‘seem’ noble,they are fraught with liberal theology dripping with relativism;pragmatism;post modernism & extraBiblical stuff.Yes prayer-we agree; trusting God to intervene in our nation,Yes.sadly some of the comments are unBiblical.Blessings to the Brother though.Amen

  2. Regrettably Samuel H. Kennedy reveals his ignorance about Errol Naidoo and all he stands for. I don’t know how on earth he finds relativism and post-modernism in Errol’s message. Any pragmatism and “extra-Biblical stuff” is that of facing the problems we have now in 2013. All of history and what Christians have done in serving the Lord since the Bible was written is “extra-Biblical stuff”! That does not make it invalid, nor is it unBiblical to pray for God to move in our nation, to pray for people to be saved and transformed by the Gospel.

  3. Mr Kennedy – I am deeply grieved/saddened by your comment. As long as we have this kind of nit picking, we will never come into unity and the enemy wins another battle…. Rather, if all else fails, let’s get back to the ‘Instruction Manual’ (Bible) and get seriously busy per 2 Chron 7:14

  4. Thank you Errol for having the courage to stand up and speak up for Biblical values and standards in our nation. As “storm clouds” loom world wide amidst a sea of Christian mediocrity and compromise I am thrilled that there are people like you who are not afraid to speak the truth in love. Keep it up. Blessings. Sandy (Jama)