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nyarambiFinding victory in yielding to God

The publishing space in South Africa is growing everyday with many new voices introducing new work. One such voice is Precious Nyarambi. Originally from Zimbabwe her story reads as the present day Esther who at a young age became an orphan. As is always the case with God who is the same yesterday, today and forever, He is no respecter of persons and is able to work out all things for the best for those who love Him and who are called for His purposes. Precious’s story is inspiring to anyone who is facing hardships in their life. If you are struggling to see how your circumstances will be better, then Precious Nyarambi’s new book Breaking Forth is for you…

Tell us about the book?
Precious: In a world full of challenges we face daily and have to overcome, it was a reminder to myself firstly that I constantly have to run to God and surrender — that no matter how big the challenge may appear, God is even greater. I then realised that there is no new challenge in this world, there are heroes of faith already who triumphed. Our challenges are not peculiar but Our God is. Patience is one thing that comes out so loud and you begin to acquire in the journey. Your answer might not be instant or when you might have thought it to be but it does not mean that God is dead. In His right time and perfect will, HE SHOWS FORTH. One has to arise to their God-given purpose against all odds. I gave biblical examples of victors who changed generations because of faith and perseverance. Giving up and throwing in towels is not the solution but to keep pressing on towards the mark of the high calling through Jesus Christ.

Who is Precious Nyarambi?
Precious: Precious Nyarambi is the daughter of the most high God, a Royal diadem, a Minister of the word, entrepreneur and philanthropist. I am the fourth born in a family of six to late parents Godfrey and Alice Nyarambi. Originally from Zimbabwe, my parents died when l was young, around 10, and I grew up in a child-headed home. I had so many questions around my life. I came to South Africa to look for better opportunities at an early age, faced challenges as a girl child but God delivered me from them all. Started running a cleaning company Elohay Cleaners Pty Ltd and an NGO Vessels of Virtue which work hand-in-hand with the cleaning company. Am still trying to grow both projects.

Tell me about your childhood?
Precious: My parents divorced when l was a year old and my mother took me to her mother in the village with my sister that l come after. Life there was a tough. My father decided to move us to his mother. My parents had not taken birth certificates for us and had to meet up for that eventually in 1994. They then died 1996 and 1997 respectively. I grew up with my siblings, still very close. My granny played a bigger role in making sure our house was not given away. By then l had moved to the city where my dad owned a house. The little time l got to know my parents, l cherish. My father would do anything for us and my mother was always loving and soft spoken and oh so beautiful. My grandmother took us to church at an early age. Church — that has been the greatest gift.

What motivated you to write the book?
Precious: I first wrote the book in 2007 due to questions l had around my life. Every time l would present an issue to God, He would show me a way out and reveal other testimonies. I have had to edit it over and over again. As l began to edit and write it again and again, l thought of encouraging someone who might be in the same situation like mine. More often than not God puts people in our paths to encourage and stand in the gap as we soldier on. I have had many midwives and destiny helpers. If this book can encourage someone and give them hope, then l am happy. It’s not that l have all the answers but just to motivate someone out there — being assured of our victory in Christ.

Your book is called Breaking Forth … tell us of a time or an area where you struggled to get a breakthrough
Precious: Growing up as an orphan was my first challenge. Having to believe God for my food, fees, clothes and a whole lot of things. Coming to South Africa without completing tertiary education left me desperate and wanting. I found myself without a job, accommodation and at the verge of prostitution and sickness that later followed for two years. Constantly l would ask God why, and then learnt to surrender and yield.

Do you have a word of encouragement for someone who has prayed for a long time but is still not seeing any breakthrough in an area?
Precious: My word of encouragement for someone who has prayed for a long time but is not seeing breakthrough in any area is that there is breakthrough in the pain, there is a message in the pain. All things work together for good, what the enemy meant for evil God turns for good. Speak to the small faith you have and let it grow to a big tree, speak to the valley, speak to the mountain. It obeys God’s word. Do not look at the storm but at the cross. Tell yourself it is well with your soul. Tell the situation how Big Our God is, He does not slumber nor sleep. Every prayer raised will be answered. Maybe just not in our time but His. Remember to count it all joy and acknowledge that the fact that you are alive is not of your own strength. Remember that Jesus said He will not leave us as orphans but that He now lives in us. The lion is in us, let Him roar. The same power that conquered the grave lives in us and He has given us authority to trample on snakes and scorpions. When adversity begins to roar like a lion, remember you carry the Lion. Jesus said that we would do even greater works. You are a success story and a victor. ARISE and refuse to be silenced. The whole world is waiting for you to arise in your purpose and uniqueness. The world needs your gift and your gift might actually be in your pain. Arise and testify. Go beyond now and realise that Jesus also suffered for you.

Will there be a book tour: where and what are the dates?
Precious: Yes there is a book tour. It started at a conference at Mt Zion in Kempton Park. We will tour in Zimbabwe at the end of October. Then we have a conference about the book on November 11 and 12 here in South Africa at Fabz Hotel in Lonehill. Dates for Free State and Cape Town are still to be confirmed.

Tell us about some of the chapters of the book
Precious: Having Patience, Waiting On The Promise Of God, Praying About It

What do you hope the readers take from reading your book?
Precious: What I hope the reader can take from the book is that, situations that we deem difficult and overwhelming actually point us to the cross and its finished work. All issues were addressed by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. No one would have foreseen what the cross and His death meant otherwise they would not have killed Jesus. The breakthrough was in Him laying down His life for us. Like a lamb He was led to the altar to be slain. At some stage issues in our lives will make us lambs where we surrender completely. It’s in us dying to ourselves that God takes over. Be of good cheer God is with you through and through. Spend time meditating on the word of God, in prayer and worship. God is on the throne and interceding on your behalf and has got you in the palm of His hands. Be blessed.

Where/how does one get a copy of the book?
Precious: For now the book is available at Skoobs Theatre of Books at Monte Casino, working on getting on Amazon as well.

Readers interested can also call 0732722977 or email or

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