Premiere of film on Nigeria’s role in sex slavery

Shane Vermooten.

The harsh reality of  human trafficking is exposed on screen in an hour long documentary made by Shane Vermooten in association with Media Village Productions. Vermooten captured the footage during a stay of nearly a month in Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria. During this time he faced questioning by military police, a ride in a police car and encounters with juju priests, Christian pastors, government officials, activists and victims.

There are more prostitutes on the streets of Italy from Benin City, Nigeria, than from any other city in Africa. This documentary tells their story. A premiere of the documentary, Another Side of Life, will be screed at 6pm for 6.30 pm on August 17 at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town. Seating is limited and interested people are asked to RSVP to Media Village at 021 975 7800 or email by August 10.

“Human trafficking is modern day slavery.  We have to add our voice and speak up for those who have no voice.  During the 1820’s William Wilberforce became a history changer as he dedicated his life to the abolition of slavery.  Today we are facing the same issue, and there are those who are willing to be used by God to expose, motivate prayer, to be activists and to address the issues that promote the selling of people,” says Media Village in a press release.

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