Pretoria march planned to oppose sexualisation of schoolchildren

South Africans across the religious spectrum are invited to participate in a march in Pretoria on Saturday August 17 to protest against the radical sexualisation of school children through the proposed introduction of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in schools.

Organisers of the protest action, the ACDP, say they aim to fight to live in a country in which children are educated to be skilled, responsible adults who are equipped with the values to raise strong families of their own.

The march will start at 10am at the corner of Kgosi Mampuru and Madiba Streets.

The ACDP’s Linda Palesa Yates said: “The South African government is promoting what it refers to as comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) that teaches children and young people that they have to be sexual to be normal and that they are entitled to any kind of sexual expression they want.

“It attacks parental opinions and religious principles; and it promotes gender confusion, promiscuity, pornography and even prostitution. The ACDP would like government to abandon its plans of introducing CSE into our schools. Learners need age-appropriate education that protects them from being sexually abused while preserving their innocence, and which promotes abstinence and fidelity in marriage.”

According to the ACDP, their further concern is that over-sexualised children will not fulfil their potential at school or in the workplace – and will definitely not build strong families. “Rape, sexual assault, promiscuity and teenage pregnancies will increase; South African families will fall apart faster than ever before,” said Yates.

She said that while the Department of Basic Education had denied that Grade 4s would be taught masturbation in Life Orientation as reported by the Sunday Times , they did say that the curriculum would be guided by the International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

She said the march was not about promoting the ACDP. “We are Christians first and politicians second. We care about the next generation, not just about the next election. The march is to raise awareness among parents and the general public about the truth with respect to CSE in such a way that government is forced to abandon its plans to introduce this shocking curriculum into our schools.

“We encourage people everywhere, not only Christians, to help mobilise for the march on social media, organise their own marches, speak to their local schools and get involved with their school governing bodies (SGBs).”

She said the DBE should focus on improving the appalling state of literacy and numeracy in schools.

“It has been found that 78% of our Grade 4s cannot read for meaning,” she said.

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