Pro-life sticker activist saves baby from abortion

Peter Throp with baby Caiden Peter.

Days after appearing in a Cape Town court for sticking Value Life stickers over illegal abortion advertisements, Christian activist Peter Throp got to hold a baby that was rescued from abortion as a result of his Value Life campaign.

His wife, Terry, tells the story: “Peter was putting stickers on the abortion posters in Maitland on a Sunday a few months back.  He had been doing so for four hours  ( 1 000 stickers)  as there are so many abortion posters there, when Renitia came up to him and started to talk to him about the message on the stickers. (Abortion is evil). She said she was pregnant and could not have the baby , her 4th,  as the father was marrying another woman and she was not able to cope and was considering abortion.

“Peter and I spoke to her over a few days ( she also wanted to end her life) and managed to get her to agree to go the Mater Domini home in Claremont which is a Christian home for abused women and women in crisis pregnancies. They agreed to take her and her seven year old son, Aldair. She is still living there now until she is able to find employment and settle elsewhere.  She has one daughter in a foster home and the father of the other child has him.

The pregnant mothers have the choice of signing the baby over for adoption if they cannot keep the baby, says Terry.

“Renitia Malan initially thought about it but has decided to keep her baby who she has named Caiden Peter .

“Peter and I visited them at the Mater Domini Home this afternoon and you can see by the look on Peter’s face in the photo just how happy and blessed he feels to have had a hand in saving this beautiful baby boy from being aborted. A visible success story.   God has answered his prayers.”

Renitia Malan with her son Aldair and baby boy, Caiden Peter.


  1. What a beautiful story. Well done Mr. Throp. And well done Renitia for choosing life in the face of hardship. Can someone give us the contact details of Mr&Mrs Throp? We wish to contact them regarding the ProLife Generation. You can contact us on our website, facebook and twitter.

  2. the story brought tears to my eyes …………. wonderful !!

  3. Peter, you are a Mighty Man of God!

  4. Praise God for at least one life that was saved by this stickers.

  5. What a wonderful testimony.
    I want to encourage all believers to hold up Peter Thorp in our prayers…that our Mighty God will protect him against the evil forces that oppose the work he is doing and that the Spirit of Gods love will touch these pregnant mothers when they see the stickers Peter is placing out there. God bless you Peter