Project SA shares Kingdom nation-building vision at launch in Cape Town

Dr Arno van Niekerk speaks at the Project SA launch in Cape Town last night

Project SA, a new national network that aims to mobilise Kingdom nation-builders to bring about real change in South Africa held its official launch meeting at Bay City Church in Muizenberg, Cape Town yesterday evening.

During a special moment at the end of the gathering, nearly 300 people stood up and affirmed that they were signing up to change the nation according to biblical principles, said Dr Arno van Niekerk, a national coordinator of Project SA and one of the speakers at the launch.

He said there was a prophetic aspect to the event being held in Cape Town, as it is the seat of parliament and there have been many prophetic words that revival will spread through Africa from the southern tip of the continent.

He said there was an awareness at the launch that the people there represented a “people’s assembly”.

“People are so hungry to be part of practical solutions,” he said.

Attendees at the Project SA launch in Cape Town

“I would say the family of God is rising up and that is what we want to see in the nation — because we are a family of caretakers taking hands and committing to a completely new future.”

Other speakers — also national coordinators of Project SA — at the launch were Dr Pearl Kupe, Zane Meas and Doc Sithole.

According to Project SA’s website it is a non-partisan, non-racial network that aims to transform SA into a flourishing nation that glorifies God through a strategy that involves three core Kingdom groups — Davids/Esthers (frontline leaders), Josephs (good financial stewards) and Nehemiahs (rebuilders of commuities) — taking hands together to deliver tangible results.

Dr Pearl Kupe at the Project SA launch

Van Niekerk told Gateway News that initiatives that had already started included creating local and national networks of Davids/Esthers, Josephs and Nehmiahs; building a prayer army and developing a national, integrated community safeguarding programme.

He said the strategy was to develop local community solutions, following a bottom-up approach, with successes spread across the country through “cross pollination” between communities.

They also wanted to set up “ops rooms” around the country to become hubs for transformation in cities, towns or neighbourhoods. Security of different areas would also be managed from the ops rooms.

Project SA will be launched in Pretoria on November 26, in Durban in early December, and in the rest of the country early next year. Next year’s launches will be implementation-focused.

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Van Niekerk said communities around SA who wanted to start Kingdom transformation projects should speak to Project SA.


  1. A wonderful God inspired initiative!

  2. If we trust Holy Spirit to lead us in God’s truth, this initiative will be blessed! Proverbs 2.

  3. Glad to be part of this God-inspired transformation development.

  4. May GOD Bless South Africa