PROPHETIC WORD: God leading SA through storm to new governmental system

God is taking the corrupt, broken political system of South Africa through a storm of economic collapse to an entirely new system of governance where righteousness is going to flourish, says Francois de Wet of Cornerstone Foundation Ministries in a prophetic word posted on the Time2RisSA Youtube channel [see above].

Picking up on a detailed vision which he says God showed him repeatedly since 2018, he describes a battered ship without a compass or a captain lurching into the eye of a storm where its sails are shredded. Then a beam of light from above shines a path on the ocean and, after a while, the ruined, immobilised ship is dragged by a current until it is beached on a beautful island full of everything needed to build an entirely new vessel. De Wet says this vision is the most detailed he has had in more than 40 years of receiving visions.

Francois de Wet

In videos entitled The end of the ANC: into the eye of the storm, part 1 and part 2, which he posted in December 2018 (See and, he says the storm represents the cleansing of SA and the island represents the healing and new governance system of SA after it has gone through the storm. In part 2 of those videos he encourages Christians to keep on doing the things God inspires them to do during the storm season.

In the current video, posted on Thursday June 13, entitled Coming Out of the Storm ANC to be judged he describes seeing diverse people coming to the island with tools for building. The new governmental system will provide equal opportunities for everybody in SA and free enterprise will flourish he says. De Wet also shares a vision of a similar move of restoration across Africa.

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He says he is not sure how long the storm is going to last but he knows it is going to be very severe. Before it ends there will be a massive uprising against the ANC that will seem sudden but which will have been brewing for a long time, he says.

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  1. Accurate Prophet of GOD. The DA will regret being bewitched into joining the SAS Tit *ANiC* as it sinks and disappears totally into the deep!