Rachel Hauck — The Wedding Shop: Book review

The Wedding ShopHayley Morgan returns to her hometown after several years in the airforce and a failed relationship.

She feels that God has called her to do this. Her childhood dream to reopen the wedding shop is rekindled, and although she faces opposition from developers who want the land for a parking lot, there is also a good deal of enthusiasm amongst the town folk for the idea of restoring the grand old building.

Many of the older women have very happy memories of their time there choosing and planning wedding dress and accessories, as well as trousseau.

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She has a chance meeting with Cole, who she has known from school days. Her hardened heart is not ready for love, but as events unfold and the wedding shop is resurrected against the odds, their relationship develops.

Interwoven with the modern narrative is the story of Miss Cora, who ran the wedding shop for many decades, including hard times of war and depression, closing it about 40 years prior to Hayley’s story. She also has her share of heartache and brokenness.

For those who enjoy a good romance, look no further. The two romantic heroes are of course too good to be true, but hey, isn’t that what makes for a great dreamy read?

I have been reflecting on the notion of story in general and romance in particular. I believe that some truths are more deeply understood through emotions evoked by story. As our two heroines are pursued and finally won over by these great paragons of virtue, do we not perhaps get further insight into our Lord’s great pursuing love for all of us?

I was also interested to note that whereas many Christian novels use the name God but not Jesus or Christ, this is a welcome exception to that.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

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