“Becoming a Modern Day Princess” mentorship programme launch in SA

  “Indeed it’s a very good programme in the sense that when the concept was made known to me and I enrolled my daughter I have discovered who she truly is. For the ten weeks she studied, I saw a different daughter I didn’t know.  My prayer is that all girls should follow suit, stay chaste and truly get closer to God, because when they do they will go places.” – Fred Polkuu-Chiiri, Father.

Tommy Stevenson, a father in Mariette, Georgia, USA, crowns his daughter, Brandy, at the completion of the programme.

Leadership training for the 10 week “Becoming a Modern Day Princess” mentorship course for young girls, that has equipped thousands of American girls to make wise lifestyle choices, will be presented at Godfirst City Church offices in Fourways on Saturday, October 25, 2014.

mdplogoThe urgent need for training of leaders to present this course is highlighted by the statistics of South African pre-teens and teens at risk where, in some areas, one out of every four teen girls abuses drugs or alcohol, four out of 10 girls fall pregnant at least once before they reach the age of 20 and 16% of pregnant women under the age of 20 test HIV+ .

The course equips our young girls to find their true identity as daughters of the Most High King, their value and purpose in this world and to have the confidence to stand up for what is right and true. The programme culminates in a celebration service where our MDP young girl is given a prayer of blessing by her Dad (or mentor Dad) while he places a crown on her head. It is a great opportunity to use this as a Christian rite of passage for our young teen girls.

Doreen Hanna, the founder of Modern Day Princess Headquarters and several of her experienced leaders will be in Johannesburg to empower women to guide their girls on a journey that will equip them to step gracefully and confidently into womanhood, becoming true Modern Day Princesses.

Seating is limited, so anybody interested should register quickly with Debbie Hemmens, SA MDP representative.  debbie@hemmens.co.za or 074 147 9902.