Real cause of SA family crisis ignored by media

Defending family, faith and freedom

The SA Institute on Race Relations (SAIRR) released their findings on family life in SA. The SA Family in Crisis lists some of the more obvious contributors to family breakdown & social dysfunction.

However, research at Family Policy Institute has revealed there are many more serious threats to the family than those reported in the SAIRR study. Chief amongst them is the prevailing attitude in contemporary society that individual “rights” supersede the health & welfare of the family.

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The family’s critical contribution to society has taken a back seat to demands from homosexual activists, pro-prostitution & abortion groups and the liberal media that consistently promotes a self-centred humanistic philosophy that legitimises and glamorises immoral sexual behaviour.

The rampant spread of HIV/AIDS has decimated the family in SA resulting in hundreds of thousands of child headed homes. Sexual immorality is the primary reason for the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS.

The liberal media promotes the flawed concept that sexual behaviour is an individual right but contracting the AIDS virus as a result demands a corporate responsibility from the SA tax-payer.

The culture that demands all sorts of “rights” without the corresponding responsibility has produced a society of self-gratifyers which passes the consequences onto the family and society.

Noticeably absent in the SAIRR study is the growing menace of porn addiction, legitimised prostitution, gambling addictions and alcohol abuse fuelled by corporate greed and corruption.

These weapons of mass destruction against the family are ignored by the liberal media but contribute significantly to divorce, family violence, sexual abuse of women & fatherless homes.

The family is God’s idea and is still the most fundamental unit of society. No nation that ignores the health and welfare of the family can prosper. Consequently, society is only as strong as the family.

God has established Family Policy Institute to defend the family and advance the philosophy in Parliament & the media that the family must be restored & protected in public policy in order to promote the overall health and welfare of the nation. Strong families produce strong nations!

I am therefore deeply grateful for your prayers & financial support of this ministry. Your faithful support enables me to fight for the family and oppose every attack on your & my values.

The SAIRR study paints a grim picture of the SA family. However, you and I have the solution. Let’s work together to establish the family as the focus of governments social development policy. If you and I ignore this vital responsibility, our children will eventually suffer the dire consequences. Please commit to join me in this vital endeavour. Your prayers, financial partnership & participation in this task increase our ability to stop the rot and reverse the demise of the South African family.

Thank you for standing with me on the frontlines of the battle for Faith, Family & Freedom.

FPI Out and About
On 4 March Arlene and I flew to Durban to meet with Ps Clive and Sandra Gopaul and attend the 20th anniversary celebrations of “Conquering Through Prayers Ministries” in Overport.

On 7 March we travelled to the Kwasizabantu Mission in rural Kwazulu Natal where I addressed more than a thousand ministers at the Kwasizabantu Ministers Conference.

I was also privileged to speak at the “Change Your World” youth event at the His People Centre in Cape Town on 18 March with a team of youth evangelists from Malaysia.
FPI in the Media

In response to an FPI press release calling for the ban of all alcohol advertising, I participated in a studio debate on the subject on SAFM on 23 March with media reps and advertising officials. Most callers to the program agreed with my assertion that alcohol advertising glamorises alcohol consumption and promotes a fraudulent perception of the benefits of alcohol.

On Sunday 27 March I was invited back on SAFM to continue the debate. Again, the majority of callers to the program backed my call for a ban on alcohol advertising.

FPI is currently compiling research on the correlation between alcohol advertising and the growing abuse of alcohol amongst young people. I will be writing to government once we finalise our study.

After trying for several weeks to secure a meeting with Luwellyn Landers, the Chairperson of the Justice Portfolio Committee in Parliament I eventually received confirmation for 31 March. However, I came down with a bad bout of flu and was forced to postpone this critical meeting.
Please continue to pray for me, my family & the team at FPI. We covet & value your prayers.

Errol Naidoo

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  1. Can’t agree with you more. Can however add that most examples of entertainment, being mostly African American on national tv, actually promotes all but decent values. Even the ever popular soapies scream at Biblical norms openly and even succeed to be favourites. Cursing and blasphemy seems like an acceptable and modern, liberated lifestyle although Biblically culprits are destined for everlasting remorse. Most means of rigtheousness have been corrupted and reduced to personal victories over one another, which has no connection with what is right or wrong. May God have mercy on us! Most officials even in public office or parlaiment are sooner or later going to prove their absolute disregard for decent values or government, if they have not yet already done so. Bless you and your ministry.