Kingdom road trip duo struck by people’s hunger for real change

Jacques Malan, left, and Mkhangeli Matomela, third from left, in Kimberly during a stop on their recent northern road trip to explore Kingdom solutions to SA’s challenges. With them are Paul and Hannelize Neethling who organised their meeting in Kimberly.

The second leg of a “Kingdom vision” road-trip that recently took Jacques Malan and Mkangeli Matomela through the northern part of South Africa was “very different to the first leg in many ways”, says Jacques Malan.

What struck the team was the very-evident hunger of the people who attended the meetings — a hunger to see real change in South Africa, not only in the communities they live and work in but in the whole country.

Many people want to participate in facilitating positive change. Many have recognised that Holy Spirit has pressed a particular calling, task, message or a burden on their hearts that they believe is for this time.

It was encouraging to see many people offering their skills and time — and the input of their personal or corporate ministries — to help bring about change in SA.

According to Malan it was encouraging to see many successful projects and initiatives already in place. An important aim of the road trip was to create a list of current, well-organised community projects that can be included in a comprehensive database of projects for sharing with Kingdom-focused groups throughout SA.

He said it was evident that a lot was being done in communities all over SA without the help of national bodies or government. Communities were taking responsibility for the success of their own initiatives by applying their own know-how, resources, community-based funding and skills to make things happen. These projects were being run as acts of service to physically and morally uplift communities and uplift the environment.

“These are the kind of projects we would like to see duplicated around the country. The way we would approach this, is by discipling individuals, teaching and guiding them in order that they may go and do the same in other communities in the country. It is evident that many ministry and project leaders are ready to share the successes they’ve had,” said Malan.

Following the completion of the second leg of the road trip, it was important to create momentum throughout the entire country, he said. While not everyone who attended the recent meetings wanted to get involved in the movement now, there were more than enough people ready to do so.

Secondly, there were plans for national planning and strategic meetings at the end of November and early next year. All who have committed and those who are already involved in local community initiatives will be invited to bring their knowledge, experiences, skills and projects to the table at those meetings.

“It doesn’t matter whether it is of a spiritual or physical in nature, they are welcome to bring what they have, thereby we will be in a position to push this momentum further and farther in order to share and implement the projects where they are required through the different city elder councils and through the servant leaders and leadership of the nation, ” he said,

He noted that a decision not to name the movement was not stopping people from getting on board to participate in a collective Kingdom effort.

“This movement was not birthed by human minds, but it came to fruition over a period of some months through various individuals witnessing to one another about what Holy Spirit had placed in their hearts,” he said.

Malan said each individual in a particular area who felt called to be a part of the movement “has a puzzle piece to bring to the table in order that the picture of what the Lord has planned for that area, can become clear”. For this reason, it was imperative that roleplayers in a particular area pulled together and did not only focus on their own ministry or project.


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