Respected ACDP leader Cheryllyn Dudley stepping down after 20 years in parliament

“It is my strong conviction that every leader should not only know when it is time to step up but also when it is time to step down. There comes a time when the most courageous thing you can do for those you love is to step aside and trust God to accomplish even bigger and better things through them.”

So says ACDP MP and Whip Cheryllyn Dudley in a post on her Facebook Page today in which she discloses that after prayerful consideration she has decided not to make herself available to stand for re-election to parliament, where she has served as an MP since SA’s first democratic elections in 1999.

In a growing list of comments in reaction to her post, party colleagues and supporters pay tribute to her for her inspirational and impactful leadership, hard work, integrity, dedication to the ACDP and the country and her example of humility. Dudley is married to Demetrius Dudley, an ACDP councillor in the City of Cape Town, and has three children and four grandchildren.

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Expanding on her decision to step down, Dudley writes: “I am so very grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve under our leader in the ACDP for 25 plus years and the incredible opportunity I have had to serve the nation as an ACDP member of Parliament in the National Assembly for 20 of those years.

“My mandate in the ACDP has always been to serve God by serving the people of South Africa and upholding the vision of Godly men and women being in authority, supported by a God honoring party constitution. Under the leading of the Holy Spirit I have always strived to live up to a standard of excellence and to add to the depth of leadership in the party. I am proud of what we have achieved despite all our human failings and would never want to undermine these achievements.

“I am expectant and excited to see what God will do in the lives of those who will get this opportunity in the months and years ahead and am confident that many will choose wisdom and humility as leaders — and will stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before as I have done. I have had the privilege of mentoring or sowing into the lives of so many incredible younger women and men in some small way in preparation for this time and I pray fervently that those who are given the opportunity to hold office will have learned from our example – our successes and our mistakes.

“Between now and the election I will be busy with work at parliament and doing everything I can as a sitting member of parliament to ensure the maximum success of the ACDP at this election. I wish you – and all listed candidates – the very best and am looking forward to the great results that we are expecting. I intend to celebrate the ACDP’s success with you all.

“I have thanked the sitting President of the ACDP and would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the many years we have shared in the ACDP – it has been an honour and a privilege.

“God be with you and I will stay in touch as I continue this journey of life as God leads me.

“Much love always,

Cheryllyn Dudley MP ACDP.”


  1. Bulelani mkohliswa

    Well I have mixed emotions even as I’m writing my comment on the decision Cheryllyn has taken to not make herself available for the 2019 elections. She has been a great servant to the nation. We hear that she’s highly respected by many MPs from different parties, including the EFF guys. Why mixed emotions on my side? There’s a very strong sense that 2019 will see the ushering of a Godly Government in our nation. The overwhelming sentiment is that ACDP will not be the vehicle to usher the new era, inspite their unquestionable contribution over the last 25yrs. That contribution largely attributed, and in no small measure, to the very Cheryllyn and Steve Swarts. So her experience will be sorely missed. The flip side is that it could contribute immensely to the rapid decline of the ACDP. So it could very well be that Cheryllyn has read the signs well. That remains to be seen in the next two and a half months. The fact remains, South Africa will be poorer in her absence.

  2. Cheryllyn, it’s a shame to see you go You have been the best fighter for unborn South Africans in Parliament the last twenty years. Thank you for the service you have done for our nation and the Lord Jesus Christ. And your impact the right to life of babies.

  3. Gina Zakas-V/D Linden

    I had the privilege of meeting you Cheryllyn a few years ago, when you were still on the Bluff and hubby still has his restaurant and then at churc. You have always been in my heart, especially lately, now I understand. May God richly bless you and your family in the new ventures that you have ahead of you. In the meantime may our ABBA Father give you an extra special annointing for the days ahead. This election is sure to be a turning point for the whole world to witness the Power and Grace of our Father God. He is doing a new thing in this end time movement. Thank you for all you have done and mostly your obedience to our Father in Heaven in being such a faithful servant of Heaven and the people of our nation.