Restore the pulpit, restore the nation

Defending family, faith and freedom

Marriage, the most ancient, enduring and fundamental of human institutions appear to be heading for extinction in the western world. The current wave of attacks against marriage has no precedent.

Recent rulings by the Supreme Courts of Canada and the US, indicate the God-given institution of marriage between one man and one woman is no longer regarded as the cornerstone of society.

The primary objective of “sexual rights” activists is to completely obliterate marriage and the natural family and replace it with their “anything goes” ideal of complete sexual license.

What you and I have witnessed when the US Supreme Court struck down the Defence Of Marriage Act recently was the decline of western civilisation. As marriage and the natural family disintegrate – so does western society. Western Europe and the US moral collapse are already apparent.

Barack Obama, the US Sexual Rights Activist in Chief, is leading the global campaign to destroy the institutions of marriage and the natural family – aided & abetted by the adoring mainstream media.

Millions of Christians in the US voted Obama into power. He now uses that power to target and persecute Christian organisations that refuse to agree with his radical pro-homosexual agenda.

Evangelical Christian groups have been targeted by the IRS and listed as terrorists by the US Military. Christian businesses are also being persecuted for not complying with Obama’s abortion policies.

The Obama administration is even funding the training of homosexual activists in foreign nations to strengthen the advance of its radical anti-life and anti-family agenda internationally.

Obama’s visit to Africa included the promotion of “gay rights.” Wherever “gay rights” are advanced, the constitutional rights and freedoms of Bible believing Christians are trampled upon.

The Obama administration is currently pushing legislation through the US Congress called “The Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA)”. Under ENDA, churches, Christian schools and colleges, Christian-owned businesses, and others would face federal prosecution for firing or even refusing to hire someone due to their publically displayed sexual proclivities.

Tragically, despite Obama’s blatant anti-Christian and anti-family agenda millions of Christians still support him. When Christians support the destruction of its own values – know the end is near.

When I survey the political landscape both here in SA and internationally, I am amazed at the lack of discernment and Biblical knowledge of millions of Church going Christians.

The Prophet Hosea’s lament comes to mind when I consider the state of the Body of Christ in contemporary society. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6).

A French official visiting the US in the 19thCentury set out to discover what made America great. He searched their political system, educational institutions and vast commerce but wasn’t convinced.

He finally concluded that America’s greatness lay in the pulpits of its Churches – which he described as, “aflame with righteousness.” “America is great,” he proclaimed “because America is good!” However, he added this warning, “If America ceases to be good – it will cease to be great!”

The US greatness was linked to the uncompromised Holy Spirit led preaching of God’s Word in its Churches. Today, America is no longer great because America is no longer good.

However, the restoration of that once great nation and indeed SA still depend on the pulpit. Are the pulpits of the nations Churches “aflame with righteousness” or dampened by a lukewarm “gospel?”
The answer lies in the spiritual and moral climate of the nation. The moral state of a nation is directly linked to the spiritual state of its Churches. Restore the Pulpit and we will restore the nation!


  1. Whilst I agree with your assessment of the situation I disagree with the solution – “Restore the Pulpit and we will restore the nation” What we need is authentic discipleship of the nation which is a lot more than a message behind a pulpit! Keep up the good work!

  2. How would you deal with gay and lesbian people under a Christian government. What legislation would you enact…

  3. it`s immoral finish and klaar. God institutions eg. marraige between a man and woman, Sabbath keeping etc.will be turnaround as good by satan.

  4. If we would just live by what the Word in the bible says,all the answers are there and if we can reflect the qualities of our Savior Jesus Christ to our fellow man,wow imagine what the world would be like.