Revival service leader declares ‘day of deliverance’

A recent revival service at Vuka Afrika in Randburg, Johannesburg.

“As we worshiped I heard the Lord say : Today is the day of deliverance, it is the day of freedom and liberty from every kind of bondage, oppression and infirmity,” writes Linda Gobodo, the leader of a twice-weekly revival service she recently initiated at Vuka Africa in Johannesburg to “receive” answers for prayers for the nation.

Gobodo continues with her account of what happened at the service on the evening of Wednesday April 18: “Deliverance has come to SA in the 18th year and tonight we must receive deliverance at the following levels: individual, family, community, nation and continent.

“Immediately the following scriptures came to my spirit and I looked them up — Judges 3:14,15;10:6-16; Luke 13:11-16. I also remembered that the number 18 is the number of deliverance. I felt the Spirit quickening in my spirit that today is the 18th. I could not even remember what day it was. When I realised, I knew the Lord is about to do something tonight.

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“We continued to worship.

“When the Psalmist sang a song the Great I Am I felt the release to bring the word of the Lord. As I stood there still singing the song I was led to read Revelation 1:4-8 and Exodus 3:1-14, then I shared the word of deliverance.

“I received that we must receive the word by faith and we will be delivered here and now. The Lord has come to deliver us, the deliverance has come so that we may serve the Lord. We have not been able to serve the Lord fully in Spirit and in Truth because we have been bound on our feet. Though we walk straight but spiritually we have been bent over like the woman who had the spirit of infirmity for 18 years in Luke 13. Invisible chains have kept us bound. The Lord is breaking those chains today.

“We started to sing : ‘There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain’. We felt the chains falling, in the Spirit we heard the sound of chains falling.

18 people at service
“One lady shared a testimony afterwards that during the time of prayer she felt pressure on both her ankles and felt chains falling. She did not even know she had chains on her feet. She also shared that as I was sharing she felt an urge to count the people in the service and found that we were 18. We were all shocked when she shared this and we knew this was the doing of the Lord.

“Another lady shared that while we were worshiping she saw a vision, this is the vision she saw: She saw the map of South Africa. then she saw four men holding red trumpets standing at the four cardinal points of the nation. She understood by the Spirit that they were getting ready to make an announcement. Then the vision left. She even drew what she saw on a piece of paper. She did not understand what they were about to announce until I announced the day of deliverance of our nation.

“As I was leading prayer I kept hearing the words of Martin Luther King Junior ‘Free at Last’, then the Holy Spirit reminded me what happened 10 years ago.

“In 2008 I was visited by Apostle Symon Kariuki — he came to share the vision he saw during a time of prayer. He saw feet in chains. When he inquired from the Lord the meaning of the vision, the Spirit of the Lord said to him: ‘Don’t you know that South Africa is the feet of Africa but she is in chains. Go and tell South Africa to pray to Me for 12 days from the 1-12/02/2009. If they pray I will reveal myself to them; I will reveal the destiny of SA and I will break the chains so that SA can move and take Africa to Her divine prophetic destiny.’ He asked the Lord to tell South Africans Himself because he is Kenyan. He thought people would ask why did the Lord tell you and not us. The Lord said: ‘I am sending you’. Then an intercessor from Pretoria asked him to come share the message with me.

“When I heard the word I knew it was the word of the Lord. I committed myself to help him and to go with him. The Lord had told him to drive to every province to deliver the message. We took off in October 2008 going from province to province like the runners in the time of King Hezekiah’s reforms — 2Chronicles 30:1-12. We travelled 7 000 kilometers and it took us 21 days.

“The people received the message and prayed during those 12 days. We lead the prayers on SAfm as well. The premiers of Northen Cape and North West at the time embraced the message and held prayers at the end of the 12 days.

“Last night [April 18] I heard the Lord say: ‘The chains are broken. Now SA must go and take Africa to Her destiny”

“I realised that it was the 18th day since the revival service started.

“The Lord said He is bringing the revival to release deliverance, healing and restoration so that South Africa may fulfill Her divine prophetic destiny to go to the nations to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, to bring healing and the manifestation of His glory.

“The Lord told us to explain the purpose of the revival every time people come. As they come they must be discipled and prepared for the nations.

“Minister Noxolo Mthethwa who is helping me with the revival services received a word from the Lord saying : ‘We must not look at the chains that have fallen but we must look to Jesus. We must lift the Lord up because when He is lifted up He will draw men to Himself — Numbers 21:9; John 3:14.’ “

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