Ruth Everhart — Ruined: Book Review

Book review by Wendy Duminy

Ruined is a memoir by Ruth Everhart who is a writer, Presbyterian Pastor and rape survivor. This memoir is a candid and honest glimpse into the emotional and spiritual journey that Ruth had to venture on to find healing after being raped at gun point.

Ruth does not sugar coat the events leading up to the rape or the aftermath. She bravely reveals the feeling of being ruined, both physically and in God’s eyes while exposing the questions that haunted her after the attack: Why me? Where was God? Why did God allow this to happen? What am I being punished for?

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Ruined provides many insights into the devastating effects of rape, societies perception of the victim and the court process that is endured if the perpetrator is caught. But at the same time it is a reminder that God brings life out of death and that He never leaves us nor forsakes us.

It needs to be noted that even though Ruined is well written, poignant and a must read, it does depict events that include violent situations and vulgar language which are potentially offensive. The description of the robbery and rape as well as the vulgar language is largely contained in Part One. Part Three also contains some description of the robbery and rape but not to the same extent as in Part One. The rest of the book contains references to the rape but not necessarily in as much detail.

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