SA is an eagle, Muslims will fall in love with Jesus here — prophetic word

[notice]’Brother Marko’ a Muslim background believer and missionary to South Africa from Turkey reports on a prophetic word for South Africa that God laid on his heart.[/notice]

On the weekend of April 29 to May, I  was at the Mighty Men Conference in the Karoo. However, about two days before we left for the MMC Karoo, The Lord laid on to my heart that I should fast and pray over the weekend. So I began fasting on Friday morning as we started driving to Karoo, for MMC.

The Holy Spirit started talking to me and giving me words, on Friday evening.

Early on Saturday morning, I left my tent and the camping area and went behind the hills to be alone with the Lord. I spent about three hours praying and listening to the Holy Spirit, as I was all alone behind the hills, far from the camping ground. Holy Spirit gave me some life changing personal prophesies. I was overwhelmed by what He told me.

On the afternoon of the same day, as we were listening to the speaker, the Holy Spirit came upon me again and started giving me the following prophesy for South Africa.

He started by saying, “Prophesy to South Africa”.

Immediately, I picked up my notebook and pen and started writing as the Holy Spirit spoke.

Here is the message the Holy Spirit gave to South Africa.

“Prophesy to South Africa!

JHWH is the King of this land and Islam will not be able to conquer this land. God will continue to love, protect and use this nation for His glory and purposes.

Muslims that come to this land will meet Jesus here. Some Muslims come to this country with animosity against Christ. But, here, in this country, they will fall in love with Christ, just like Saul/Paul (Acts 9).

Islam is trying to push from north down to south, into this country. But Jesus will turn their plans upside down. Instead, the love, glory and gospel of Jesus will go from South Africa, up to north. No one can stop this, neither Islam, nor corrupt liberal theologians, not corrupt politicians. God said it, God will do it. The whole world will see this amazing move of Jesus.

South Africa is an Eagle. She will not give in to fear and run. No, she will fly into the eye of the storm, use the momentum of the storm and eventually, soar above the storm. God made South Africa an eagle. Therefore, she will turn crisis into an amazing victory.

Come what may, Satan can do nothing. God is with South Africa. If God is with us, we are more than conquerors.”

Please pray and proclaim these words of the Holy Spirit over our country and our people.

Blessing to all

‘Brother Marko’


  1. Thank you for being a channel of the Holy Spirit’s inspiring and encouraging words and thank you for sharing them. Thank you for being obedient in prayer and fasting, which resulted in such an uplifting message.

  2. Thank you so much for this powerful message. This is truelly good news for us as SA’cans. I do believe we are an amazing country, we are so small in comparison to many countries in the world, but dinamite comes in small packages. I do believe God is going to do and are doing a GREAT thing in this country, we need to stay on our knees. Blessing

  3. Praise God,I always said that all the Foreigners Coming to SA, Chinese,Africans etc,Will be part of the experience the revival in our country.They will return to their own to share the experience and so spread the saving grace of our Lord Jesus.

  4. Yes! I believe that SA is a jewel of God and that we will be set apart for Him – even during the last days when the world will be in a mess. We will be a safe haven and many will come here for safety and find Christ. I do not fear for South Africa.

  5. Amen to this

  6. Yes and amen!

  7. amen to God our savior. What a fantastic message. Amen