SA, it’s time to declare ‘It is written, it is finished’ — Veronika West

Prophetic word released on Wednesday July 14 by Veronika West of Ignite Ministry in Belfast, Ireland published as it appears on her Facebook page

A POIGNANT VISION CONCERNING SOUTH AFRICA…”WATCH FOR THE SPIRITUAL WATERS OVER THIS NATION HAVE BROKEN,….LISTEN! FOR A TIME OF BIRTHING IS NOW AT HAND UPON THIS LAND,…BUT HER CRIES IN LABOUR HAVE DRAWN IN THE SPIRIT OF LEVIATHAN,…WHO NOW SEEKS TO STEAL AND DESTROY THE BIRTHRIGHT AND DESTINY OF THIS NATION”…!As I began to pray for South Africa late last night,…suddenly I was caught up in a powerful vision over the Nation,…and as I entered into the vision in the realm of the Spirit the first thing that hit me was a FOUL AND PUTRID STENCH,…A SMELL OF DEATH FILLED THE AIR,…but as I stayed in that place the atmosphere around me suddenly became very dark and the Spirits of Fear were trying to take hold of my mind,…trying to push me back from fully engaging with what the Spirit of God was revealing to me,..,I could feel a tangible pushing back of the demonic forces of darkness as they tried to get me to leave this realm of Revelation,…as the demonic presence intensified I began to pray fervently in the Spirit and and as I pushed back against the darkness through prayer,…suddenly a bright light broke forth roundabout me,…and the forces of darkness that felt so heavy and thick roundabout me instantly disappeared as the radiance of the light broke forth,…suddenly my vision became clear,…however the putrid smell of death remained heavy in the atmosphere but it was no longer a distraction to me,….as a pressed forward deeper into the vision,…•••I heard the Spirit of Revelation say these words to me,…”WATCH FOR THE SPIRITUAL WATERS OVER THIS NATION HAVE BROKEN,….LISTEN! FOR A TIME OF BIRTHING IS NOW UPON THIS LAND,…BUT HER CRIES IN LABOUR HAVE DRAWN IN THE SPIRIT OF LEVIATHAN,…WHO IS SEEKING TO STEAL AND DESTROY THE BIRTHRIGHT AND DESTINY OF THIS NATION”….now as I heard those words,…suddenly I saw A VERY LARGE CROCODILE IN THE WATER,….AND AS I LOOKED AT THE CROCODILE, I SAW THE CROCODILE IN A DEATH ROLL,…ITS BODY TURNING ROUND AND ROUND VIOLENTLY IN THE WATER,…AND I SAW THAT THE WATERS WERE BEING STIRRED UP CAUSING GREAT CHAOS,….AS THE CROCODILES BODY TWISTED AND TURNED WITH GREAT POWER I SAW LARGE WAVES BEING FORMED,…THAT BEGAN TO RIPPLE POWERFULLY ACROSS THE WATERS,..I WATCHED AS THE WAVES GREW HIGHER AND HIGHER,…AND MORE AND MORE POWERFUL UNTIL THE WAVES BROKE FORTH UPON THE LAND,…and as I watched this taking place,…•••Suddenly I heard these words,…”SOUTH AFRICA SHALL FEAR THE NAME OF THE LORD….AND HIS GLORY FROM THE RISING OF THE SUN,…WHEN THE ENEMY SHALL COME IN LIKE A FLOOD,…THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD SHALL RAISE A STANDARD AGAINST HIM”….and as those words echoed loudly in the realm of the Spirit,…I saw what looked like a LARGE BANNER BEING LIFTED UP OVER THE LAND,….and I saw the words,…”IT IS WRITTEN”….inscribed upon the banner,…and as the banner was lifted high over the Nation,…I SAW THE POWERFUL WAVES THAT WERE BEING CREATED BY THE DEATH ROLL OF THE CROCODILE SUDDENLY BEING PUSHED BACK FROM THE LAND,…AND AS THE MIGHTY WAVES RECEDED BACK,….SO I WATCHED AS THE WATERS BEGAN TO DRY UP,….AND DRY LAND SUDDENLY APPEARED ROUNDABOUT ME,…(at this moment in the vision,…I caught a glimpse of something in a deeper realm of the Spirit but I was not permitted to see it clearly,…but I heard the sound of a LOUD ROAR OF A LION….,and I felt the LAND BEGIN TO SHAKE VIOLENTLY),….I will continue to pray concerning this and share as and when the Lord permits me to ‘SEE WHAT I HEARD’…I believe there is a waging of war against the SPIRIT OF LEVIATHAN AND THE LION OF JUDAH taking place,…there is a Spiritual war raging over the LAND AND THE WATERS IN THE NATION)…•••I COULD NO LONGER SEE THE CROCODILE IN THE VISION…AND THE PUTRID SMELL OF DEATH THAT HAD FILLED THE ATMOSPHERE SUDDENLY LIFTED….and then I heard these words,…”IT IS FINISHED”….!As I heard those words I immediately came out of the vision and I began to make PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS OVER THE NATION OF SOUTH AFRICA,…”IT IS WRITTEN”…..”IT IS FINISHED”….•••South Africa,….THERE IS A BATTLE RAGING IN THIS HOUR OF BIRTHING…THE SPIRIT OF LEVIATHAN SEEKS TO STEAL AND DEVOUR YOUR DESTINY,….South Africa….it’s TIME TO ARISE IN FAITH AND BOLDNESS AND TO SPEAK FORTH “IT IS WRITTEN”……Satan cannot stand against the WRITTEN WORD OF GOD,…its TIME TO BEGIN TO DECLARE ‘THE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD’ OVER THE LAND,….DECREE THAT THE WAVES OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION OF THE SPIRIT OF LEVIATHAN SHALL NOT FLOOD THE LAND BUT THAT A NATION THAT FEARS THE LORD SHALL SEE GOD RAISING UP A STANDARD AGAINST THE DEMONIC FLOOD OF THE ENEMY…•••DECLARE; “IT IS FINISHED….THE BATTLE BELONGS TO THE LORD…VICTORY IS ASSURED”…SOUTH AFRICA HE IS TAKING YOU ACROSS TO YOUR PROMISED INHERITANCE ON DRY LAND….”CAN A NATION BE BIRTHED IN A DAY”???…asks the Spirit of God…!


  1. The Lord Jesus died for sinners, not for countries. Where in scripture does it say He will make countries wonderful places to live. In fact it declares just the opposite. Its time to pray for the church n preach the gkdpel n send out labourers.

  2. Suzette van Rooyen

    Ask of me and I will give you the NATIONS for your inheritance.. Psalm 2:8

  3. Jeremiah 29:7 seek the peace and prosperity of the city…