SA secrets unveiled on table of destiny — Marian Fitz-Gibbon

Tables are one of the most significant places of human connection. We’re often most fully alive when sharing a meal around a table. We shouldn’t be surprised, then, to find that throughout the Bible, God has a way of showing up at tables. Jesus himself wanted to explain to his disciples what His approaching death was all about, he didn’t give them a concept or theology. He gave them a meal around a table (Mathew 26.26).

Round tables

Round tables are said to be optimal as they engender heart-to-heart conversations. Having a round table discussion may prove a more worthy and a personal way of discussing differing opinions. For topics warranting more time and care, round tables remind us that behind every opinion and testimony is a human with feelings, a face with a background, and a soul worth listening to. 

A recent prophetic round table gathering in Mbombela (Nelspruit), hosted by Iris Ministries

Meeting at the round table is not just reserved for social and business events, the prophetic gather to exchange aspects of hearing the voice of the Lord. There are prophetic gatherings around the globe where deep calls unto deep in a manner of speaking. Having attended many prophetic round tables I thought I would like to share about the latest one I’ve been at.

I had the privilege of attending the August Prophetic Round Table organised by Iris Ministries. As it is with round tables there is generally a theme of direction and impartation, and this was ‘A New Man’. It was magnificently led by Apostle Surprise Sithole and his team and the main speaker was Prophet Danny Steyne, from the United States, who has been a church planter, pastor, teacher, author, and worship leader for over 30 years.

Sitting listening to Danny was like opening ancient scrolls. His journey paved the way for our brokenness to find comfort in the arms of Jesus and hope for tomorrow. The strength of the round table was displayed in the honouring and welcoming of everyone by Surprise and Tryphina Sithole.  This was made evident when Surprise invited the senior prophets to share the voice of the Lord.  It was an embracing moment; it was a table where no man got the glory but the Lord.

Event hosts Surprise and Tryphina Sithole

Danny shared that we’ve entered a “pull-on heaven” and “push like you’re having a baby” season. It’s not fleshly season but one that’s very much led by the Spirit. 

Danny’s invitation by Pastor Sithole was rather like a Macedonian call. And one of which Danny said: “The Lord was saying to me, you don’t have a choice. This is an invitation to which you say yes.”

The humility with which Danny shared his painful health journey paved the way for trust among everyone.

An air of expectation rose with the words: “I wonder how many moved to South Africa because something huge is about to happen. He said that the Lord has spoken about Africa for a long time.”   

He recalls an Easter morning in South Africa, on his way with Pastor Surprise to the church at Back Door. Looking out the window, as far as he could see, in every direction in the sky, there were angels. The only thing he could relate it to was in the Book of Revelation.


“So when I came flying in I said [to the Lord]: what? What do You want to release here? And the first thing He showed — I had to share this with Surprise. He showed me crows. Many, many, many. This provision format, yeah. He said the crows are about to come. See, the crows are the opposite ones. Crows are meat eaters. So when the crows bring the food, you go along. They are responding to the Lord. They’re coming.

Prophet Danny Steyne

“What God is about to do in provision is going to be miraculous. The Lord is doing — He’s multiplying, is increasing, but is increasing for purpose. He’s increasing. For Kingdom He’s increasing. That which He is going to do on the earth is not increasing so that we become well. Whatever it is, is not about us. It’s about Him.

At the end of the day, this whole thing is about Jesus and the Lord is about to increase harvests. Yeah, in your houses. He’s bringing the crows. He’s bringing the opposite ones than that you think should be bringing it. We’re all looking one direction. Look. Here, here, here. It’s coming. It’s coming from crows. It’s coming. Is coming from those who should be consuming.

And the consuming ones are going to be released. Are you hearing me? And the ones who have always taken are going to be the ones who are now going to give. Come on. Showed me a long time ago about South Africa. You will feed nations. God did not give wealth in South Africa — in the land — to just simply give up. 

He’s about to roll ball over governments. In Daniel Chapter 2, for a king to be shifted He wrote on the wall. The Lord is about to write on the wall. It will be done. There will be shifts and changes. That would be huge. But the starting point, I said it in the beginning, it is time to pull, yeah. It is time to push right now.

The Lord is calling people to begin carrying what God has called in to carry without shame. Without feeling their insecure insecurity. Shame will remove you from the purposes of God. Hey. You must never allow insecurity to prevent you to speak, You’re not allowed to let insecurity, or personal feelings. Shame, this person. I don’t like people. Because some people like, I don’t dictate, deserve that. He said: ‘I didn’t ask you what you thought. I do not receive my counsel from you.’

The dismay of the disillusioned church is over… the prophets have prophesied and they did not relent!

“ ‘Danny, he prophesied a word that didn’t come true during his lifetime. Just like the prophetic today, they mocked and scorned and shunned him. I spoke of him when I said, they stoned the prophets. His word would not come true for hundreds of years. All he wanted was to see the purposes of God in his generation and they killed him for it.’

“Who Lord? ‘Zechariah.’

“But there were others who were rejected and seen as fools by the masses and the governing officials. Those like Ezekiel, Jeremiah and even the bold words of Isaiah who prophesied a child born to a virgin. Their words would be many years in the making. Hundreds of years. They were never given the option to recant their words. They were prophets. Prophets are required to faithfully discharge the words of the Lord whether or not they see the fruition of those words come to pass in their lifetime.”

“These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised, since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.” — Hebrews 11:39-40

Danny goes on to refer to the takers who have stolen from “My people” who are now going to be the givers to “My people”.

“You won’t need ‘scarecrows’ to keep them away, they are going to come right to your door with provision. This is the ‘repayment’ of Joel that is coming. We are stepping into the season of Joel’s army. There will be no hype or manipulation or trying to get ahead. He told me to ignore the famous ones who have shifted themselves into notoriety and visibility through media and self-aggrandizement. The puffed-up ones are about to be deflated and even the sounds brought through their worship and speaking are about to fall flat. It was birthed through pride and that pride will take it to the ground. 

“A couple months ago the Lord brought a dream to my mind that I had 23 years ago. He spoke to me as I was driving and said: ‘Danny, I want to interpret that dream for you now!’ I was shocked. You mean I didn’t get the interpretation back then? He then began to tell me what He wanted me to understand about the dream. I knew that He was saying far more than simply the interpretation of that dream. He was telling me that in the prophetic realm, our thoughts are not His… and many times we prophesy into seasons and times we can’t even see yet. The nature of prophecy is not to be instant but to be eternal, spiritual, and to the times God has set, not us. 

“The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy!” — Revelation 19:10

“It is the indelible mark of Jesus and His evidence that tells whether or not it’s true prophetic revelation. His Voice speaks and human voices remain silent in the midst of it while the Spirit does His work. Many times these words are ‘out of time’ with the human, carnal, logical mindset. Judgment becomes apparent and sets in to divide and discriminate and dissect the words God has given. Theological debate ensues and the word simply is discarded and rejected as wrong… and the Church marches on to do the non-prophetic things that keep it safe from the Words of the Lord that require faith, trust, and patience. Trees require seeds to grow, but most would rather go buy a fully grown tree to plant in their garden. Seeds bear the fruit of what God intends. Repotted and replanted trees carry the old structures, thoughts, and memories but not the season of the Lord. 

The prophets to rise again, do not hold back

“To the prophets who have been shut down by intimidation, 21st century ideology of the prophetic, leaders who have difficulty allowing the process of the Lord to shake out the things spoken and heard…to those who have been holding fast to words that by every stretch of the imagination seem impossible, like a virgin with a child… like a nation that surely cannot be saved in a day… like a Kingdom coming in great power and great authority where the enemy will be in fear and the saints will be covered in Glory… speak… Let the words of the Father resound and reverberate within your very bellies… Let the atmosphere of His Presence erupt with Joy… Those words are not yours… Release them and do not hold them back.

“The prophets are called to rise again, and never be intimidated and controlled by those who believe they have authority to shut them down. It’s the Lord who speaks through His Words, and they don’t own His voice, or His ways, or His thoughts. Speak. Let boldness arise in you again. You are not finished. This is the season to call the Church back to faith and fire! Speak!

South Africa the time is now now!!!

“I saw three sheets. The first was held up by an angel who told me to look behind the sheet. I could see much bloodshed that had occurred but nothing presently happening. I asked him what is this? And He said: ‘This is the bloodshed that has been known in this nation.’ It was immense and very horrible. I could see on the sheet that blood stained it everywhere.

“As I watched I saw a small stream that formed in the north and grew into a mighty river. As it grew it washed the carnage and blood away but I also noticed that it washed the wicked away and particularly the minds and brains of them were washed away. They washed out to sea and I couldn’t see them anymore. It was gruesome but it flushed the nation of what was, what had been history, and what the people thought was their destiny.”

Second sheet –  redemption, redemption!

“The angel then pulled up another sheet and it hid the dark places in the land. As I looked closely I saw the sheet bleeding a pure liquid. In some places it looked like super glue. It sealed chasms and wounds in the earth and as I looked further I realised it was also healing hearts and thoughts. It left a residue like snow across the earth and all across the land. I watched joy come on the people and a deep peace that invaded those who had previously been the most broken.

“The angel said: ‘Redemption, redemption, redemption! The refining is done!’ He then said: ‘Many who fled from the violence will return to the inheritances they have in this land. The wealth is going to be restored and the mines are being clothed and reopened with purity because they will supply for the harvest that comes. This is a rapid thing. The economy of this nation will supply for many. It will not be many days. Purity is going to wash out corruption in every arena. Repentance is on the way.’ The sheet remained over the people.

Third sheet — building infrastructure

“The angel then lifted a third sheet and I could see many angels at work. They began building infrastructures. I asked the angel: What are they doing? He said: ‘They are putting in place what no man has ever known to put in place. They are putting in the ways of God without religious forms and patterns. These ways are what will nurture the lost that are coming. These ways reflect what the father of the prodigal son implemented. These ways are love expressed with a heart of mercy. They are structures to fully mature the disciples who are coming.’ Then he said: ‘Look’, and I looked to the east and from Durban I watched as a many knees fell to the pavement as they recognised the Lord. Their Lord was in their land — more visible than He ever had been. Harvest time had begun in South Africa. Many turned to the Lord. The promise spoken for many years by the prophets over the land that South Africa would bear the mark of a first-fruit awakening was here.

“I saw Jesus standing across the land and He said: ‘South Africa, Now, Now is the Time!’ He looked at me and said: ‘Danny, tell them there is no more delay, no more heartache, no more visions laid down. Tell them the time is NOW, NOW, NOW!’

“He said, “As they hear this word it will be as a trumpet for many to return to the destinies God gave them in their childhoods. It will be as an order given where they will mobilise and recognise that the three sheets have happened. The first is over. The second is completing. The third has begun.’ 

“It’s now, now, now!”

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  1. Truly this IS the LORD’s heart and plan for South Africa and Africa! Now now now now!!