‘SA’s destiny to show world the glory of God’ — Mel Tari

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South Africa’s destiny is to show the world the glory of God, said renowned Indonesian evangelist and missionary Mel Tari, in a prophetic word he released in South Africa last year.

The word, which Tari spoke at at the One Day with the King conference in Mbombela on July 11 last year, is shared in an email from Intercessors for South Africa (Ifsa) administrator Donovan Richter, promoting the Ifsa national prayer conference in Secunda from September 5 to 7, where Tari will be the guest speaker.

The email reports: “Mel Tari started by shouting out ‘South Africa’ with authority ‘Arise!’

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“Then he said: I had a vision when I visited the Etosha National Park in Namibia. I saw a majestic animal arise; when I looked, I saw it was a majestic zebra with white, black and brown stripes that appear (emerge) from the most southern tip of Africa.

“Tell me if you leave the white stripes out is it still a zebra? No South Africa! If you leave the black stripes out, is it still a zebra? No!

“This zebra will show the world the glory of God. That is your destiny, South Africa.

“The Lord will bring an end to racism. South Africa can show the world how different races can respect each other and work in harmony and unity!

“Encounter the King and arise to your destiny…

“Make sure you encounter the King because it is the King that will bring it to pass, you got to obey Him as Abraham amd Esther did. You were born to the Kingdom for a day like this.

“Encounter the King, South Africa so that tomorrow the nations will be transformed because of His presence in you. You will arise and be the breadbasket of the nations because you encountered the King.”

Anybody wishing to attend the Ifsa national prayer conference should click here to register.

The registration fee is R350, with an early bird fee of R300 until July 31. Youth and students, aged from 16 to 25, may register for R150.

Soup will be served on the first evening and is part of the registration. Thereafter attendees will be responsible for their own meals. For more information email ifsaprayer@gmail.com

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