Sculpting with the Holy Spirit through clay

Meet multidisciplinary artist Karin TerBlanche!

Since 2010, Karin TerBlanche has operated an artistic teaching studio specialising in oil painting, acrylic painting, drawing, and clay sculpture. This venture followed her tenure managing the Holy Spirit School in Parys, where she recognised the potential for integrating various art forms with spiritual reflection and teaching. Before this, her focus was primarily on exhibiting her art and utilising sand art, drawing, and oil painting during significant events at church.

Karin conducted a series of clay workshops throughout South Africa named Spirit, Soul, and Body Reflective Clay Encounters, with the most recent ones held in Gqeberha (formerly Port Elizabeth) and Bloemfontein. Marzanne Slabbert met up with Karin to uncover and explore this fascinating theme.

What is a reflective clay encounter?

“I created this term to describe an event where people use clay to pray and think deeply. Clay is an excellent tool for fostering mindfulness of one’s physical and spiritual realm. Sometimes, the event may adopt an alternate title, such as Prophetic Clay Encounter, depending on the context. I refer to it as an “encounter” because it involves venturing into the realm of the unseen. Armed with newly-acquired skills, attendees create something meaningful through clay.”

What inspired you to create these workshops?

“It disheartens me to witness the widespread lack of understanding regarding the interplay between the spirit, soul, and body. Through this event, I aim to clarify this concept for everyone.”

How do you believe working with clay can facilitate a deeper spiritual connection with God and personal reflection?

“In Genesis, it is described how God used clay to create and imbue His essence into it. Given its forgiving nature, clay serves as a bridge to the Garden of Eden and the life-giving rivers that flow in and through us.”

How do you select the cities or towns for your workshops?

“I listen to the Holy Spirit’s prompts, or in other words, I observe where there is a fire burning in the Spirit. Then, following that prompt, I cast a fishing hook to gauge interest.”

In your workshops, attendees create both a head and shoulder piece as well as a square relief. What is the meaning behind these creations?

“The relief symbolises your spiritual dimension, while the bust (head and shoulders) represents the body and soul. Through personal revelation, I convey the form of our spirit as revealed to me by the Lord. Despite being a tangible object with depth, contours, and highlights, it helps participants grasp the concept of Heaven intersecting with Earth. When discussing the body and soul, I guide participants to focus on the various faculties within themselves. This provides them with a chance to recognise and consider any insights the Holy Spirit may offer them for immediate or future reflection.”

How do you tailor your guidance to accommodate participants with varying levels of artistic experience and spiritual journeys?

“I possess an innate ability to teach and that is driven by a desire to clarify concepts for others, once I grasp them —a principle inspired by Habakkuk. My aim is always to meet the person on their level and see how far we can grow together. I do not follow strict guidelines but with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, I try to make the techniques required for the workshop simple. On the spiritual aspect, participants are given the freedom to delve as deeply as they wish. I focus on crafting a serene environment, encouraging them to freely engage and discover.”

What feedback have you received from participants about their experience in the workshop?

“Participants have reported that the insights they have gained during these workshops resonate profoundly with them on a personal, local, and global scale, not only on the day of the event but also on the days that follow. In addition to that people often say they feel rested after the workshop as if all their worries have taken a back seat. They often liken the rejuvenation felt from just a single day’s workshop to the restfulness of a two-week holiday! They also talk a lot about feeling more playful and creative. It’s like they’ve either found their creative side again or it has become even stronger. This has helped them think and imagine in new ways.”

What plans or developments do you have for similar workshops or events?

“A remarkable weekend awaits at the beautiful Segulah Guesthouse ( in Ruiterbos, Western Cape, scheduled for May 10, 11, and 12. Feel free to make your reservation directly with me or via Lechi from Hadassah Healing Oils.”

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