Sean Feucht: Antifa member accepts Jesus amidst violent protests against ‘Let Us Worship’

Sean Feucht (PHOTO: Instagram)

Originally published in Charisma News

What the enemy meant for evil this past weekend in Portland, Oregon, God turned around for His good. reports that during the antifa attacks on a Christian “Let Us Worship” rally in that city, Hold the Line founder Sean Feucht says an antifa member accepted Christ.

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“Antifa stood 10 feet from me as we lifted our voices in praise, but we didn’t back down,” Feucht posted on Instagram. “One member who came to disrupt our service was saved by giving his life to Jesus.”

Feucht shared on social media that antifa members in Portland showed up to “threaten, harass, bully and intimidate us. A mom and her baby were tear gassed. … We kept worshipping and God moved powerfully!”

“They came in as agitators & bullies and one left as a SON OF GOD!!!! … Thank you PORTLAND for showing America what a bold BOOK of ACTS church looks like!” Feucht wrote on Instagram..

During the COVID-19 pandemic and even now, Feucht and his “Let Us Worship” rallies have drawn intense criticism toward unmasked gathering believers

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  1. Praise God,the angels in heaven rejoice for every soul accepting Jesus into their live…There will always be anger or war against Gods servants , but Jesus has overcome the darkness of satan !!!! Glory to Jesus the Christ !!! AMEN !!!