Seminar will provide keys to biblical financial stewardship

While we are on the brink of the fourth quarter of 2021, both a backward glance and one into the near future, could bring the same musing — how to be a good steward of that with which the Lord has blessed us? (I Timothy 6: 18-19)

To everyone who has asked this question, the upcoming Kingdom Economy Breakthrough Seminar could be a step in the right direction. Taking on a different format to those held previously by the ministry, the seminar will be presented over six days from the August 9 to 14 at the Siloam Village, close to the beautiful Gariep Dam. 

The target audience
The practical and interactive approach of the seminar is geared toward reaching not only a wide Christian audience but really any person who realises the value of financial freedom, rooted in the Bible. From the salaried employee looking to follow biblical principles in order to live a debt-free life, to young or older married couples seeking to manage their finances in accordance with God’s Word, or to the less or more affluent business owner intentional on seeking Kingdom values to expand his business and extend the blessings. 

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Join speakers Ben Alberts, Arthur and Michelle Coetzee as well as well Francois and Karen Smit, to name but a few, for what promises to be an insightful, equipping and an in-depth sharing of financial Kingdom principles which would broadly include the following:

Seminar highlights
To unlock and understand the Christian identity in a world driven by money. (Matthew 6: 19 and 33)

  1. To be faithful in serving God amidst the need to generate an income without succumbing to the “World’s system” of financial freedom. (Matthew 6:24)
  1. To equip Christians to be good stewards of their finances in order to fulfil the mandate given in God’s Word. (I Timothy 6 and Matthew 6).

In order to achieve these envisioned aims, the seminar will allow ample opportunity after each session for questions and answers as well as interactive participation by attendees. Attendees will receive resource material to facilitate personal refresher sessions as and when it is required. 

‘Take-home’ values
Never-ending financial commitments could at times seem daunting in the face of perceived inadequate resources. The seminar speaks particularly to this: according to one of the speakers, a brief summary on the take-home values would be: “Being able to function financially within a ‘closed circle budget’; when is enough enough?” (paraphrased by writer) 

 For more information call Arthur at 083 727 9182 or Michelle at 072 582 3050.

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