Seven weeks of day/night revival prayer planned as SA prayer wave continues

Rising above the storm (PHOTO:

Jericho Walls International Prayer Network (JWIPN) is calling for a campaign of seven weeks of day/night prayer from February 15 as an unprecedented wave of 24/7 prayer is still continuing in South Africa after 10 months of lockdown, says Daniël Brink of JWIPN.

“More than 56 networks (groups of churches or towns) have participated [in 24/7 prayer initiatives] last year, with 20 still praying non-stop since the lockdown started,” he says in an invitation to churches, prayer groups and 24/7 networks to join the upcoming revival prayer campaign.

“Before the lockdown most people would pray one hour per week, every 7th week. Since the lockdown started most people are now praying one hour per day, non-stop.

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“This indicates an exponential increase in 24/7 prayer that we have never seen in our life-time,” Brink said.

The theme of the 24/7 prayer for revival campaign is “Rising above the storm”,

To register your group you are asked to send the name of the contact person, city and group, as well as your cell number to Daniël @ 083 321 6909.

More info on the campaign can be found at:

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  1. Sometimes you read about initiatives and think…that’s great but when you do get involved you are blessed out of your socks. Just receiving the daily words of inspiration and prayer that are sent out by Daniel Brink are life giving. May more and more in South Africa take hands as a beautiful symphony of prayer and praise is raised up above South Africa.