Share Christ at your workplace, says Ugandan first lady

Janet Kataaha Museveni (PHOTO: Forbes).

Originally published in UG Christian News

Ugandan first lady Janet Kataaha Museveni has urged Christians to use their workplaces as a pulpit for sharing the gospel of Christ, adding that fulfilling the great commission is a God-given role to every believer.

Mrs Museveni, who doubles as the Minister of Education and Sports, was speaking during a Christian gathering at Twin Tower in Kampala organised by the Workplace Fellowships Network on December 2.

The organisation formally chaired by Mr James Nsaba Buturo seeks to build a network of responsible Workplace Fellowships, committed to upholding and implementing God’s Plan for Uganda within various institutions, whether public or privately owned.

“I am happy to know there is a body of Christ in government praying and calling out the name of God,” the First Lady said, noting that Ephesians 3:9-11 implores believers of the present generation who have received Christ to broadcast His saving grace to the world.

“Go out to the world and fulfil the great commission. You are the light of the World, and our Lord Jesus commands us to work and by His spirit gives us the ability to impact the world,” Mrs Museveni said.

Janet said more than 50% of employees spend their time at the workplace, “that is where we must take the gospel,” she continued.

“Your workplace is the pulpit. The clients and workmates are the audience,” she added.

The first lady said work “is not a necessary evil” as the world sees it, but a godly act for which Christians should consider a blessing.

“Work is a ministry assignment from God, as long as it is ethical and moral. There is a great deal of negativity these days at workplaces. Many simply wait for the end of the month to collect their salary and that’s all. God wants us to distinguish our selves and excel,” she said. “We don’t serve men, but God.”

Mrs Museveni urged attendees to carefully consider and embrace principles written in the bible while at work, that way, “workmates will believe you when you witness to them.”

“The whole mark of the Christian life is integrity. People of integrity have nothing to hide or fear (Proverbs 10:9). Who you are on Sunday, should be the same on Monday. You don’t preach this, and do something different. Our behaviour can turn a failing enterprise into a successful one,” she explained.

Dr Joseph Okia, the incumbent Chairman of the Workplace Fellowships Network is his remarks thanked the First Lady for honouring his invitation to attend the gathering.

He said Workplace Fellowships Network focuses on workplaces because they believe their “is need for Christians to come out of hiding” and let God’s light shine through them in the various institutions they have been positioned.

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