‘South Africa, Africa, you are the Lord’s shofar!’ — Nomvuyo Xabela

Prophet Allen Faubion sharing a word during his recent SA visit

Less than a month ago Tshego Motaung, writing in Gateway News, reported on a word released by Prophet Emmanuel Kure of Nigeria — “I dream of a united South Africa, where all the voices are merged into one South African voice.”

The fulfilment of that word moved closer at meetings in Cape Town on June 5 and in Johannesburg on June 7, as Allen E Faubion, an apostle and prophet sent by Apostle Chuck Pierce and Glory of Zion International in Texas, USA. brought a word on God’s plan for releasing a South African sound that brings heaven to earth.

He has served with them since 2006. To date he has ministered in more than 35 countries across Asia and Africa. Faubion prophetically ministers and imparts with the ram’s horn. He is sent as a “shofar” to nations God has prepared to also carry this calling.

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He calls and activates people to experience the fullness of God’s breath and voice in order to awaken, alert, and announce to their people how the Lord is restoring His covenant and His ways with their land, people, and creation.

Message in Cape Town: Release your sound and possess your inheritance
Speaking with a deep passion for the African continent and clearly understanding South Africa’s strategic role in moving Africa forward, Faubion delivered the following message in Cape Town: (paraphrased)

In 2014, while attending a meeting in Johannesburg he received a word as he was holding his shofar. The Lord instructed him to turn the shofar upside down and to capture its form. It looked like the continent of Africa.

“Africa is my shofar”, said the Lord. Cape Town is where the Lord said He will press His lips to release the sound through Africa.

The shofar is a simple, crude instrument — it event stinks. However, God is saying, when He holds the shofar, presses His lips to it and releases His breath, then wonders happen through it.

Africa has entered a season where many will feel pressed, individually and corporately, but that pressing is not there to restrict anyone but to uphold them. We should recognise when God has a grip on us and should not be deterred by our circumstances or impending dangers.

Africa carries a sound that brings down the glory of God (the Truth). It is just like the sound of the trumpets that brought down the Glory of God as the walls of Jericho were brought down.

Six times the seven priests and the army circled the city, but it was the seventh time, when they shouted, that the Glory of God was brought down. It was the weight of the Glory of God that came down and crushed the walls of  Jericho, Josh 6:6-16.

It is time for Africa to release her sound and to be a blessing to other nations, making her to be fruitful and to prosper.

This is what creation was called to do: to be fruitful and to multiply, Gen: 1:28.

This is the place of fullness: “When all that God is, meets all that Man is. This is the point we need to be. We then carry holistic dimensions of Christ in us and become fruitful” said Faubion.

We are designed to be fruitful and full in the kitchen, bedroom, boardroom etc., in all our trading. Moreover, transfer of wealth is when the nations of the earth become full and recognise God in His fullness and superiority and thus bring to Him all their produce to worship.

Transfer of wealth is not just money moving from the bank account of the wicked to the bank account of the poor. This is God’s economy: (operating from an economic grid not religious grid) where salvation comes free through Jesus Christ, with no conditions, but to experience fullness has conditions Ps 81:13-16.

Kingdom principles shows us the way to go but cannot carry us through into the (possessing of the) land, thus we need to know and learn how to enter into the promised land in this season by listening and doing what He says.

In addition, Hebrew 4:1-6 reminds us not to repeat the sins of our fathers by not obeying the voice of God. We must listen to and obey His voice this time.

Unfortunately systematic theology has crippled people. God is not religious and His theology is simple: He speaks and we listen, then we speak and He listens.

Message in Johannesburg: African people are a hidden treasure
As we have entered a season for the restoration of all things in God’s ordained order and an aligning to His ways, the time has come for true, authentic reconciliation and healing of all the tribes living in South Africa.

One of the participants in this meeting, Steve Swart, ACDP MP, also received a word from Abba, that in order for South Africa to cross over into the new thing God is doing, reconciliation is key. The South African British and Eurocentric culture must truly embrace being African and uniting with Christ Jesus, and this will also bring light into the current land issues in South Africa.

Africa (the land and its people) is a treasure, continued Faubion. This is why the continent has been pirated over the years and still suffers as a result of that. Africa became an abode for pirates, big and small, until this day.

It is also a fact that over time these “pirate” individuals became “pirate” nations. These in turn became colonial powers that were attempting to mimic the Roman dominating structures that were widely known to exploit the people and their lands.

Treasure is kept by pirates for their convenient use, as seen played out in Africa. The time has come for this treasure to be released from all its pirating operations, influences and propaganda.

Faubion concluded by reiterating that the current world system and order has invested a lot to stifle the voice of Africa. But GOD!

As we align ourselves as a nation to hear and heed His voice, His design and His order, we will break through, break out and release our authentic sound, Haggai 2 and Psalm 29.

The resignation of the Malaysian president in May this year, ending his party’s 60 years grip on power, also marks the end of this era of oppression and enslavement for Africa.. Watch for the sign!, as the case regarding the Malaysian airline that disappeared on March 8 2014 resurfaces again.

It’s time for the African sound to go out to bring down the Glory of God. Then Heaven will come down on earth. The pathway for this sound is now opened through South Africa.

Will Africa hear and be the “shofar” in the Lord’s hand?


  1. You are my Elizabeth Nhohno .May God continue to use you to the glory of His Kingdom.

  2. Praise God, what an amazing grace…

    • Praise our LORD JESUS! This message confirms exactly what God told His Body of worshipers when we were together on the mountain at Steenbras Lookout Point during the 40 Days of Global Worship recently! O what a blessing to hear this confirmation! And right at this very moment we, His Helderberg Body, are planning another Worship meeting at Steenbras Lookout Point, for Sunday 24 June, 5pm, to THANK AND PRAISE GOD for HIS RAIN…physical and spiritual. We will be HIS SHOFAR…YES, LORD!

  3. Elizabeth Joubert

    Wow, thank you so much. In agreement.How does one connect to Nomvuyo. Blessings.

  4. You go my sister. All to God’s glory.
    I love my Africa and my people?

  5. A confirmation to what God gave me here in America in 2014, 2017 and 2018 about SA and Africa. Thank you Father God