South Africa get ready for an unprecedented outpouring of blessing!

50 days blessing“You can tell that the hand of the Lord is upon it and that the Holy Spirit has prepared the hearts of people,”says Mangaliso Matshobane, coordinator of the unprecedented “#50days2blessthenation” initiative which brings together South Africa’s amazing number and diversity of prayer networks.

More than 30 prayer networks are collaborating in the national prayer campaign from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday with the goal of uniting Christians in filling South Africa with prayers of blessing that will change the spiritual atmosphere and see God changing the hearts of South Africans.

“It is never easy to bring various prayer groups together and say: ‘Let’s do something together,’ because the question is always going to be: ”So who’s going to be in charge?’

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“But when we [different prayer networks] came together there was no struggle; it was as if everybody was saying: ‘It’s about time we did something like this together!’

Lord’s timing and plan
”We sensed that the timing was of the Lord and that it was the plan of the Lord,” Matshobane said.

The ground was prepared for the 50 days prayer campaign when South Africa’s prayer networks held a historic prayer summit in Bloemfontein in November last year to hear God together for the future of South Africa. Arising out of this a united prayer initiative called Intercessors for South Africa (IFSA) was formed and they are convening #50days2blessthenation.

“We felt it was time for united prayer combining the various streams and strategies and prayer methods, all targeted at the same thing — praying for and blessing our country,”Matshobane said.

He said the united intercessors agreed that the spiritual atmosphere of South Africa has been polluted by “so much negativity that is spoken out and written concerning our nation” that makes it difficult to pray, trust God and mobilise believers.

God’s good purposes
It was therefore decided that the theme of the 50 days of prayer campaign should not be about rebuking what was wrong and waging spiritual warfare, but rather to speak blessing instead of cursing, and prophesying the good purposes of God for South Africa.

South African Christians are invited to participate in the 50 days campaign which involves prayer, prayer walking, prayer driving and more. Prayer guides in English, Afrikaans, Zulu, and Tswana can be downloaded at: or From the same webpage you can also sign up to receive a daily whatsapp message throughout the 50 days, with practical prayer and prayer walk suggestions.



  1. Come on South Africa. We must march together. From the Beaches to the Parliament to the highest peaks. No ground can ever be left to the enemy, amen!!!!